Simply Automated

Eliminate anxiety and confusion from the payment process. Integrate automated patient payment services with an all-in-one solution for patients who don’t understand their insurance plan or can’t afford to pay.

What challenges can patient payment solutions solve?
  • “I need a way for patients to pay medical bills online”

    8 out of 10 prefer to pay online. Give patients what they want.

  • “I’m losing revenue as claims move between front and back office employees”

    Recoup revenue and boost efficiency and productivity. Stop claims from bouncing between the front and back office.

  • “I need a way to give patients an idea of what they owe before leaving their appointment”

    Provide automatic eligibility verification and cost estimates prior to or at point of service

Simplify Patient Services With:
Build a snapshot of patient coverage, estimation and eligibility before they leave your office.
ImagineAI customizes post-visit statements based on a patient’s ability to pay.
ImaginePay provides an easy method for patients to pay their bill online.
HonorCare® gives patients an affordable way to pay their bill over time

"Our patients love ImaginePay. Very user friendly. You can set it up the way you need your billing operation to run. We don't get nearly as many calls on how to navigate the system. It has definitely increased our patient cash flow."

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