Make Your Payment Process More Visible

Reduce audit and fraud risks with a clearer financial story. Payment posting and reconciliation solutions connect the dots in the payment process by matching payment data with specific patient billing records in your billing system.

Go Paperless

Make your workflow cleaner. With our paperless system, electronic remittance advice is received from payers and the EOBs are converted into electronic files. After posting, they are then balanced and reconciled against deposit information and uploaded directly into your billing system.

Save Staff Time

Eliminate manual reconciliation and shift your team’s focus to working exceptions and denials instead of payment posting. All you have to do is upload files into your billing system and post them against the patient’s billing information.

Features of Bank Posting and Medical Payment Reconciliation
  • Payment Reconciliation

    Validates and reconciles bank deposits to the revenue collected in your billing offices

  • Payment Parsing

    Separates and routes combined ERA files to the appropriate entity for proper posting

  • Payment Posting

    Connects with your existing bank lockbox or billing office to route scans of the original EOB

  • API Interface

    A system-agnostic API that connects with any bank or practice management system

How does automated bank posting and reconciliation work?
  • Upload files (claim files, remittance files, EOB images) into your billing system
  • System automatically posts against open patient bills
  • Review payment history, balance and denials for reconciliation

"It’s a product that I really believe will be here as long as we are and continue to evolve with us."

Michelle Juette, Business Services Manager
Yakima Valley Radiology