Best-in-Class for Radiologists

The leading medical billing software used by radiologists across the country. Submit claims correctly the first time to increase collections, lower costs and achieve peak performance.

Customizable Worklists

Plan patient, denial and insurance follow-up with bucketed “ticklers”

Translation Tool

Integrate fast and accurate charge capture

Medical Record Scanning

Access clinical information within the system for HIPAA compliance

Criteria Builder

Automate patient information intake with rules-based tool

Most loved by Radiology


Formerly ImagineRadiology™, our flagship software improves cash flow, simplifies processes and monitors productivity in real time. All in a platform built for speed and scale.

  • Automate up to 95% of electronic payments
  • Increase first pass claim acceptance
  • Seamlessly integrate RCM processes through an end-to-end platform
  • Verify patient primary and secondary insurance status in minutes
  • Maintain accurate patient demographics and customize post-visit statements
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"We needed a company that was on the verge of all the new technology. We get our money so fast now. Getting the charges out faster than we ever have before. Getting the payments posted faster."

Vickie Chamberlain
Evansville Radiology
Improves workflows and your bottom line
Share your data securely between billing and radiology information systems, along with a library of 1,400+ custom interfaces and a variety of third-party sources including EHRs, clearinghouses, statement vendors, and more.
Submit electronic claims to multiple insurers. Access remittance advice from within the software. View your clean claim ratio and stats around claims status and denials.
Transform your staff productivity. Claim scrubbing improves validity and accuracy, allowing staff to catch mistakes and make quick corrections before submission.
Automatically fix routine billing errors using a rules-based engine that continually learns and improves over time.
Quickly create, send and track claims within an approval system configured to your employees’ preferred workflows. Build “to do” lists into your staff’s workflow by insurance, patient, denial and more.