Data Media Associates (DMA), ImagineSoftware Client Conference 2021 Platinum Sponsor, focuses on the patient experience alongside ImagineSoftware, leveraging a combined solution. DMA wants you to know how ImagineSoftware’s leader in patient statements in medical billing and payment solutions is transforming the industry once again!

DMA’s President, Cleve Shultz, joined ImagineSoftware’s Revenue Cycle Management panel discussion during their annual user conference.

Fast and Automated Medical Billing E-Statement

Getting paid within hours of transmitting your file is now possible with automated medical billing and electronic patient statements. Cleve weighed in on patient communication saying, “[Patients] are expecting faster, more tech-based services, free-flowing processes. The [healthcare] industry is meeting those expectations better and better now, leveraging speed and technology.”

DMA’s commitment to designing, developing, and deploying better, faster, more efficient solutions for ImagineSoftware team members continues with the launch of two exciting products. In addition to patient statements, DMA’s enhanced e-delivery solution is a dynamic hybrid delivery channel utilizing a calculated rotation of email, text and paper correspondence that communicates with your patients on platforms where they spend their time. And our new pay-by-phone solution that simplifies the payment process for you and your patients. Couple these transformative new products with DMA’s existing solutions and you will maximize patient engagement, accelerate response rates and drive patient payments all at a lower cost to you.

Patient-Friendly Billing Statement Examples

In the ever-evolving healthcare industry, the focus must remain on the patient to achieve success. Leveraging technology is the only way to stay current. Below is an example of how DMA and ImagineSoftware partner to create a faster, intuitive, and seamless payment experience. Integrated mobile payment portal means patients no longer have to pay by phone or check. However if they prefer doing so, instructions for paying by phone or mail are listed at the top of each patient statement, along with total payment amount due and an itemized list of all charged included in the bill.

 patient statements example

DMA remains on the forefront of patient engagement evolution and plans to continue to transform patient statement delivery for ImagineSoftware clients and beyond.

Lauren Lewis

Marketing/Events Specialist