In an Emergency, Every Moment Counts

Submit claims correctly the first time. Improve operational efficiency by interfacing directly with ADT, EMR and hospital systems. Connects clinical quality and outcome measures to payment information.

Documentation and Reporting

Reduce missing or incomplete information. Prevent mistakes that lead to denials. Identify areas for improvement.

Billing and Coding

Diagnostic testing, trauma services, multi-code surgical procedures, and more.

Automated Claim Management

Automate charge capture and real-time validation. Eliminate time-consuming manual work.

Payment Solutions

Promote patient satisfaction with integrated online payments and no interest, no fee plans.

Product Offer

Emergency Medicine Billing & Coding in 2021 & Beyond


Most Loved by Emergency Medicine


Access the information you need, when you need it, with business intelligence.

  • Forecasting and Analytics: Run real-time “what-if” simulations to discover ways to improve billing outcomes
  • Customizable Reports: Access 200+ reports useful to emergency medicine for informed decision-making
  • Central Database: Make better decisions for clinical, financial and operational performance with fast access to big data
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Features for More Accessibility
Combine payment tools, financial reporting and claims processing into a single billing system.
Get clinical data fast. Rectify payment and billing records within your billing system.
Compile complete patient profiles to ensure demographic information is correct before providing cost estimates.
Discover patient-responsible revenue and insurance coverage. Apply new discoveries with a self-learning system.