Automate Your Claims Processing

Eliminate the use of paper and make the switch to cleaner, quicker electronic claims. With electronic processing, a medical clearinghouse can rapidly identify errors and submit batches of claims at once.

Reduce Errors and Denial Rates

Manual paper claims can have error rates as high as 28 percent. A clearinghouse can cut the error rate to 2-3 percent through electronic submission by proactively correcting errors in claims, ensuring a high first-pass accuracy rate, and helping eliminate lost transactions.

Maximize Revenue

Decrease administrative costs, reduce bad debt, and accelerate payments with claims automation, all while gaining more visibility into your organization’s financial performance. Identify gaps and reduce your A/R cycle.

Check Patient Insurance Eligibility

Process 270/271 real-time eligibility requests and/or 270/271 batch eligibility requests. Identify patient coverage before time-of-service and collect payment faster.

Features of a Medical Clearinghouse
  • Concise Dashboard

    View your clean claim ratio and stats around claims status and denials

  • Integration

    Integrates seamlessly into your existing revenue cycle management platforms, including ImagineBilling

  • Rejection Analysis

    Prevent and reduce denials via in-depth scrubbing before claims submittal and analysis of rejected claims to reconcile known errors in the future

  • Security

    HIPPA compliant, PHI protected and cloud-based platform

How do Medical Billing Clearinghouses Work?
  • Submit claims electronically to clearinghouse via the browser-accessible solution
  • Clearinghouse scrubs claims for errors and denial triggers
  • Clearinghouse sends claims electronically to the insurance carrier(s)
  • Claims are accepted, and your organization is reimbursed

"Since New England Accounts Receivable Management Inc.’s inception we have put our trust in (this) clearinghouse service. I am always impressed; they are attentive and helpful, even for the smallest of problems. I would never consider leaving."

Diane Desantis, President/Owner
New England Accounts Receivable Management Inc.