Not Credit Score Driven

Connect patients with simple medical payment plans. Signups are reviewed based on several criteria including account and employment history. Even patients with low credit stores can qualify.

Easy Enrollment Process

Patients only need a few key pieces of information to sign up for our medical payment plan and receive approval in minutes with an automated approval process.

Seamless Payment Experience

Patients pay for their medical bills over time through a simple auto-draft payment plan while your practice is funded within 10 days. Great for true self-pay patients and post insurance for patients with high deductibles.

Features of HonorCare®
  • No Enrollment or Transaction Fees

    There are no provider enrollment fees or interest, ever.

  • Flexible Medical Payment Plans

    Patients choose between a 3, 6 or 12-month payment schedule that fits within their budget.

  • Billing Integration

    ImagineBilling™ includes automatic electronic file transfers, reconciliation, adjust remaining balance, and auto post.

  • Free Staff Training

    Virtual overview of HonorCare® including customer support scripting and role-play.

  • Online Customer Portal

    Patients can choose a payment plan via a URL on their statem.

How does it work?
Once we’ve set up your payment account, patients:
  • Sign up and select terms
  • Enter their information
  • Review results
  • Access your payment portal
  • Choose a payment plan and done!

"HonorCare® has seamlessly streamlined our front-end patient collection process and improved rates in obtaining patient payments."

Aaron Maier, Associate Director
Radiology Partners