Data You Can Act On

Integration with data in ImagineBilling™, provides you a single source of truth for insight across every medical specialty or client within your practice. Useful feedback for understanding your company’s performance.

Streamline Complex Reports

No Data Scientist required. Aggregates and formats your disorganized data to help you see the bigger picture, and act quickly on discovered trends. Produces dashboards that are both powerful and easy to follow.

Easy to Set Up and Configure

Configurable with multiple data channel and types, including charges and payments posted by day, month or year, accounts receivable, net collections, gross collections, and more.

Features of ImaginePowerOperations™
  • Mobile-Friendly Reports

    Minute-by-minute insight into your operational performance anytime, anywhere.

  • Enterprise-Level Reports with Filtering Capabilities

    Pull company-wide reports, or drill down by practice, location, individual user, and more.

  • Includes Standard Reports

    Reviewing reports is simplified, including multiple standard reports with detailed drill-down.

  • Data Visualization

    Prepare and transform you most important financial information into charts and graphs for immediate insights into your organization’s operational performance and making better business decisions.

"Some of the things that are important for me to know about my business are level of complexity for each case, how the pathologists are dividing their work, which insurance companies are paying at their maximum allowable rate and which ones are underpaying, etc. I also need to know if my collections are going up or down each month. I can see all of these things and more with ImagineIntelligence™ at the click of a button.""

Dr. Kevin Homer, Pathologist and President
Texas Pathology Consultants, PA