Can You imagine the revenue cycle you deserve?

Learn more about the features ImagineSoftware offers to optimize the revenue cycle from point-of-service to zero balance.

What is RCM automation?

ImagineSoftware uses machine learning to reduce the time spent between labor-intensive tasks such as demographic verification, collections and reporting. Benefits include more first pass acceptance on claims, better staff efficiency, and 95% of your payment posting performed with zero human intervention.

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What challenges can RCM automation solve?
  • “I’m tired of manually generating and submitting claims”

    Hands-free claims generation and submission. Minimal human intervention.

  • “I’ve outgrown my current platform”

    Technology that evolves with your business. For those who need to scale their operations.

  • “I’m fed up with managing multiple billing vendors”

    Replace multiple systems from mergers and acquisitions with one platform across specialties.

  • “I don’t have the budget to change billing systems”

    Free up the time of FTEs while keeping the same productivity with robotic process automation.

Gain efficiency in your billing cycle using configurable workflows.

Date of Service to Date posted 8.2 days 4.7 days
Date Posted to HCFA Creation 13.48 days 1.23 days
HCFA Filed to First Payment 30.66 days 16.53 days
Charge Posted to Claims Release 13.48 days 1.51 days
Charge Posted to Claims Filed 13.48 days 2.47 days
Charge Posted to First Payment 53.32 days 18.98 days
Improve Your Billing Efficiency By:
ImagineBilling configures to multi-practice/multi-specialty requirements. Simplifies data entry and providing real-time productivity monitoring to help medical billing companies reach peak performance.
ImagineTrueICE simplifies scanning medical records and centralizes important clinical information, eliminating the need to search through thousands of patient files.
ImagineAI takes the guess work out of collecting from patients. Focus on those with the highest probability to pay. A smart system that learns and adjusts over time.
Review and submit electronic claims to multiple insurers through in integrated clearinghouse from within the billing system. Claims are adjusted while payments are balanced and reconciled against deposit information all within the billing system.
ImagineIntelligence supports your staff with the reports they need to find and respond to new revenue opportunities. Business intelligence and analytics solution to help you improve patient, service, and billing outcomes.

"I can get through an entire day’s payment posting in 30 minutes."

Rachel Stuplich