Control and Centralize Big Data

Monitor the financial health of your business across multiple practices from one dashboard. Connect all the data that matters, like time in your phone system, time clocks, clinical data and accounting systems.

Explore Data at Every Level of Your Business

From manager-level performance reports to high-level executive reports. No technical knowledge needed. Build your own ad-hoc visualizations or choose from 250+ pre-built reports.

Predict Trends and Future Performance

Business forecasting based on projected revenue and fixed costs of your billing. What-if simulations determine possible changes in one practice or across multiple practices.

Features of ImagineIntelligence™
  • Enterprise-Level Reporting

    Integrates multiple data sources into a single application. Shared and private reports

  • User Restriction Levels

    Create a safe place for people to explore and innovate through user access levels

  • Real-Time Notifications

    System monitoring and scheduled reports. Set alerts to track goals and identify anomalies

  • Personalized Dashboards

    Tailored by role or responsibility. Filter down by time, location, insurer and more

  • Data Integration

    Ability to integrate with data formats including APIs, flat-files, cloud or on-premises solutions

ImagineIntelligence™ helps you make more informed decisions.
Business information clients love including:
  • Current Payer Mix
  • Current Client List
  • Collection Rate
  • Collection Rate of Allowable
  • Collection Trends
  • Level of Case Complexity

"Some of the things that are important for me to know about my business are level of complexity for each case, how the pathologists are dividing their work, which insurance companies are paying at their maximum allowable rate and which ones are underpaying, etc. I also need to know if my collections are going up or down each month. I can see all of these things and more with ImagineIntelligence™ at the click of a button.""

Dr. Kevin Homer, Pathologist and President
Texas Pathology Consultants, PA