Streamline Coding and Billing

A system that reviews incoming charts, processes charts that can be coded by your system, and then passes the remainder to your coding team. Medical coding automation tools reduce the cost of coding errors by up to 50% and allow your team focus on the most critical charts.

Efficiency Through Machine Learning

No need for doctors to change the way they take notes. ImagineCoding™ can learn and interpret clinical notes as-is. Delivers production coding with accuracy that exceeds results from a manual workforce.

Configurable Features, Settings and Workflows

Choose between options that tie into the way you like to manage your workflow without changing the way your staff operates. Enhances your ability to code accurately and efficiently.

Features of the ImagineCoding™ Platform
  • Auto-Coder Tool

    Comprised of a dynamic rules engine that adds procedure and diagnosis codes, bundles, adds and removes charges, greatly reducing staff time spent manually coding.

  • Artificial Intelligence Coding

    Learns and codes based on your practice’s historical coding and documentation. Recognizes when a claim is coded incorrectly, producing more accurate claims faster than manual coding.

  • Coding Portal

    Anything that is not auto-coded gets assigned a suggested code and sent to one of your coders or ours to be reviewed and processed conveniently from your online portal.

  • Performance Dashboard

    Track the performance of your coders from a single online dashboard. Review the work of your coding team, editing errors and flagging claims for review to reduce the risk of billing and coding errors.