Best in Class for Billing Companies

ImagineSoftware provides the integrated tools needed for you to keep connected to your billing company’s performance while freeing up the resources needed to build your business.

Highly Configurable

Standard or custom criteria to auto apply procedural codes, post payments, refile claims & more.

Intuitive Reports

Track financial success with roll-up reporting and business intelligence.

Automated Claims Processing

Streamline the transition from billing to claim submission while removing manual errors.

Easy System Conversion

Can run concurrently with your existing system or be fully converted when you’re ready to switch.

Most loved by Billing Companies


The first multi-platform billing management software for improving cash flow, simplifying data entry, and providing real-time productivity monitoring to help medical billing companies reach peak performance.

  • Automates the medical billing process
  • Report and dashboard capabilities
  • Real-time validation
  • Customizable A/R task lists
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Features Built for High-Performing Billing Managers
Designed to integrate with providers, patients and payors in real-time to ensure your practice is in total control while being optimally and accurately paid.
A software that finds and corrects patient information, learning and adjusting over time
A dedicated billing partner from initial set up through long-term growth. Training and certifications keep you and your billing staff at peak performance
Secure patient personal and payment information through a HIPAA and PCI-certified platform