Personalized Payment Cycles

Customizes the patient payment experience using proprietary billing data, information around patient preferences, and propensity-to-pay scoring. Focus staff time on patients who are most likely to pay. Every patient case is different. Their billing cycle should be, too.

Additional Coverage Discovery

Verifies current coverage in minutes before searching for additional opportunities for coverage that’s right for the patient. Presenting more ways to help them pay for care including the potential for financial aid.

Smarter Patient Communication

Provides suggestions on the number of statements needed to collect from a patient based on their individual habits and preferences. Reduces the time and money spent following up with patients. Conditional statements automatically tailor patient follow-up schedule, frequency and channel via mail, email, or SMS text message.

Easy and Convenient Payment Methods

Reduces time to collect by providing patients multiple channels to pay their bill including SMS text messaging and email links to your preferred payment portal.

Features of the ImagineEngagement™ Platform
  • ImagineBilling™ Integration

    Performs all checks and processes directly within your medical billing system.

  • Propensity to Pay

    Cross-checks a patient’s payment, financial history, and behavioral patterns to determine their likelihood to pay.

  • Charge Central

    Checks for updates to a patient’s demographic details and corrects them automatically.

  • Eligibility Check and ID Verification

    Validates existing insurance on record.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Uses patient demographics, eligibility, insurance, and propensity to pay to build a more individualized patient billing experience including discounts, payment plans, and financial assistance.

  • Patient Print or E-Statements

    Customizes messaging and statement cycle through your preferred statement vendor. Patients less likely to pay receive fewer statements.

  • Patient Communications

    Automate balance reminders and e-messages. Patient more likely to pay receive more frequent communications.