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Flexible products for scaling your revenue cycle solution capabilities

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Designed as a complete system of healthcare billing software and revenue cycle solutions, Imagine software suite of products offer the technologies and tools needed to enhance practice management, capitalizing on collections throughout the entire lifecycle of a claim, from front-end scheduling to back-end reporting. Accommodating an ever-changing, high-volume, ambulatory market, Imagine’s revenue cycle solutions are developed around years of client feedback and collaboration across numerous healthcare specialties. We are focused on creating cutting-edge, medical billing software that is both flexible and scalable, streamlining the practice management workflow to increase revenue. Our products offer not only advanced technology and automation, but also seamless connectivity for a fully optimized practice management experience.
The Imagine team will work to determine which products best fit your organization’s practice management needs while integrating with a variety of outside vendors of your choice to make sure all facets of your business are represented. We understand that finding the right revenue cycle solutions can be challenging. As the leading provider of practice management and medical billing software, we offer step-by-step support throughout the sales process and beyond.

Interested in learning more about what Imagine can do for healthcare practice management? Explore our complete products list below, as well as additional revenue cycle solutions on our services page.

Streamline Processes

By meeting the needs of hospitals, medical practices, and billing companies across the country, Imagine Software enhances everyday applications within the billing process, by streamlining the billing collections workflow and reducing the lifecycle of claims to increase practice profitability. End result … Medical Billing Simplified!  Learn more


Artificial Intelligence

ImagineAI™ is the intelligence you need to collect more on patient payments. ImagineAI™ learns and adjusts over time to find and correct demographic details, discover the right coverage, and evaluate the patient’s ability to pay while customizing the billing messaging they receive.  Learn more


Automated Patient Coverage Discovery

Arm your billing process with an automated solution that discovers insurance coverage that can be applied to a patient visit for payment. ImagineDiscovery™ is the coverage discovery tool that allows you to identify patient-responsible revenue that you may have resolved to write off.  Learn more


Gain True Insight

ImagineIntelligence is the forecasting and analytics tool that helps you make more informed decisions to improve business outcomes. Monitor the health of your business under one dashboard with enterprise-level reporting, real-time notifications and constant system monitoring.  Learn more


Patient Payment Portal

As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, patients are paying more out of pocket than ever before. ImaginePay was developed to simplify the process for both patients and providers. With Imagine, we help you make more money, faster!  Learn more


Automate Most Billing Tasks

Rethink the healthcare revenue cycle with a solution that eliminates time-consuming staff labor. With auto-coding, automatic electronic remittance, and data validation in real-time, simplify and customize the billing process based on your specific needs.  Learn more


Reduce Errors & Optimize Workflow

Intelligent, fully integrated software for every type of radiology business. Imagine Radiology Information Systems simplify workflow management and scheduling while helping you provide the very best service from the first appointment on.  Learn more


Go Paperless

Eliminate the need to search through thousands of patient files with a comprehensive, HIPAA compliant paperless solution. ImagineTrueICE not only simplifies scanning medical records, it also centralizes important clinical information that’s available at your fingertips.  Learn more


Boost Productivity & Reduce Costs

Focus on care and outcomes with cloud-based practice management software. MedFM optimizes reporting and billing capabilities while lowering costs and allowing you to focus on what matters most, your patients.  Learn more

ImagineIntelligence for MedFM

Monitor Financial Health

ImagineIntelligence for MedFM is the business intelligence tool that works in conjunction with MedFM, our cloud medical management software solution. Work smarter and more efficiently with enterprise-level reporting that helps you monitor the health of your business.  Learn more


Managed Care Software Solution

ImagineMedMC™ is a "start to finish" healthcare delivery system that allows you to manage healthcare costs and quality of care including eligibility, referral and authorization processing, provider contracting, flexible pricing methodologies, benefit administration, auto claims adjudication, capitation (PCP and Specialty), EOB/EFT check processing, and EDIT transfers and reporting.  Learn more


Monitor Performance On The Go

Access performance metrics in real-time with comprehensive and fully-interoperable practice monitoring software. ImagineAnywhere allows you to download customized reports straight to your mobile device, anywhere and at any time.  Learn more