Las Vegas recently played host to a record gathering of radiology practice administrators and operations professionals from across the country. Convened by the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA), over the course of several days at PaRADigm 2024 industry leaders and experts shared valuable insights and strategies aimed at enhancing the efficiency, profitability, and quality of radiology practices. 

A long-time corporate sponsor of the organization, the ImagineSoftware team was thrilled to be able to support RBMA in this year’s annual meeting through multiple avenues, including sponsorship of the opening keynote and welcome reception, as well as a very special farewell party celebrating the retirement of RBMA Executive Director Bob Still.

  Imagine at Innovations in Radiology: Insights from RBMA PaRADigm 

From harnessing artificial intelligence to optimizing revenue cycle management, the conference covered a wide array of topics crucial to the success of modern radiology practices. Here's a recap of some of the key sessions and takeaways:

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Automation Technology 

One of the most anticipated and widely covered topics at the conference was the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technology in radiology practices. Experts discussed how AI-powered tools can streamline workflows, improve diagnostic accuracy, and enhance overall operational efficiency. From automating repetitive tasks to assisting radiologists in interpreting images, the potential of AI to revolutionize the field of radiology was a recurring theme throughout the event.

Imagine’s very own Rob Gontarek, Senior Vice President of Data Science, took the stage to delve into the realm of AI automation. His presentation centered on leveraging AI within a single unified, autonomous solution to streamline the management of radiology exceptions, ultimately enhancing profitability. This approach eliminates the need for multiple point solutions, offering comprehensive and efficient results.

Who Runs the (RCM) World? AI | Leveraging and Implementing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Tracking Key Performance Indicators and Data Metrics 

Effective data management and analysis are essential for informed decision-making in radiology practices. Sessions focused on identifying and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and data metrics that provide valuable insights into practice operations, financial performance, and patient outcomes. By harnessing data analytics tools, administrators can gain a deeper understanding of their practice's strengths and areas for improvement, ultimately driving better outcomes for patients and stakeholders alike.

Compliance and Quality Care Measures 

Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and maintaining high-quality patient care standards are top priorities for radiology practices. Conference sessions provided practical guidance on navigating complex regulatory landscapes, actioning the latest No Surprises Act updates, implementing effective compliance strategies, and optimizing quality care measures. By staying abreast of regulatory changes and proactively addressing compliance issues, practices can mitigate risk and safeguard their reputation while delivering exceptional care to patients.

Navigating the No Surprises Act: Key Insights and Actions coming in 2024 for Radiology

Exploring Profitable Revenue Cycle Management Strategies 

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is a critical aspect of running a successful radiology practice. Attendees learned about innovative RCM strategies designed to maximize revenue, streamline billing processes, and improve cash flow. From optimizing coding and documentation practices to enhancing payor relationships and negotiating favorable contracts, administrators gained valuable insights into driving financial performance and sustainable growth, as well as the latest technologies to get to the next level.

Enhancing Patient Engagement 

Patient engagement is increasingly recognized as a cornerstone of modern healthcare delivery. Sessions at the conference explored strategies for enhancing patient engagement and satisfaction throughout the care continuum. From leveraging technology to facilitate communication and education to implementing patient-centric care models, administrators learned how to cultivate meaningful relationships with patients and foster a culture of patient-centered care within their practices.

The RBMA’s annual PaRADigm continues to provide a platform for radiology practice administrators to gain valuable insights, exchange best practices, and explore innovative solutions to the challenges facing their industry. From harnessing the power of AI and automation to optimizing revenue cycle management and enhancing patient engagement, attendees left the event equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to drive success in their respective practices.

For the Imagine team, it was certainly a fun and productive meeting! We would be remiss to not extend a very heartfelt thank you to all who joined us for the ImagineSoftware appreciation event at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. The restaurant was filled to capacity with standing room only, underscoring the overwhelming turnout. Over the course of several hours, more than 125 clients, partners, and professionals mingled and networked with our team, making the evening a resounding success.

  Imagine at Innovations in Radiology: Insights from RBMA PaRADigm 

As the field of radiology continues to evolve, conferences like these play a vital role in shaping the future of healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes. We eagerly anticipate our continued involvement in shaping this pivotal industry and are excited to reconnect with everyone in Nashville next year!


Kristen Greer

As Director of Marketing Operations with 15 years proven experience, Kristen focuses on building marketing programs that promote unmatched product innovation and thought leadership while advancing the company vision of driving success for ImagineSoftware clients, partners, and employees through dynamic systems and a culture of excellence. She leads a creative team responsible for accelerating the company’s marketing strategy and brand recognition, providing exceptional attention to detail so that all initiatives flow smoothly from concept to completion.