In an era where the conversation about gender equality and leadership is more vibrant than ever, Imagine recently hosted an online event, moderated by Courtney Franco, VP of Sales at ImagineSoftware, that brought together some of the most influential women in healthcare to share their journeys, challenges, and visions for the future. Each panelist, with their unique narrative, provided a mosaic of resilience, leadership, and innovation, shedding light on what it means to be a woman in a field as dynamic and critical as healthcare.

The power panel featured Cara Friederich, Chief Operating Officer at ConsensioHealth; Rebecca Farrington, Chief Revenue Officer at Healthcare Administrative Partners; Dr. Lisa Maurer, Chief Medical Officer at ConsensioHealth; and Stacia Lawrence, President at Healthcare Performance Companies.

The Resilience to Lead

Cara Friederich's opening remarks set the tone for a conversation steeped in the spirit of perseverance and strength. With a background of being raised by a trailblazer mother, Kara embodies the essence of not taking 'no' for an answer. Her journey underscores a vital message for aspiring leaders: the importance of resilience. "You just don't take no for an answer, and you continue to work as hard as you can," Cara shared, emphasizing the blend of determination and hard work as crucial for leadership.

Balancing Acts and Breaking Molds

Rebecca Farrington and Dr. Lisa Maurer dived deep into the nuanced challenges of balancing personal life with professional ambitions. Rebecca recounted a speech that resonated with her and poignantly highlighted the perennial juggle of professional and personal roles that many women face. Meanwhile, Lisa's insights painted a vivid picture of her own struggles and triumphs, navigating the demands of healthcare leadership while fostering personal growth and family life. These discussions not only shine a light on individual struggles, but also highlight a collective narrative of striving for balance in a demanding industry.

Pioneering Change and Embracing Technology

The conversation took a forward-looking turn with discussions on the future of healthcare and the role of technology. Stacia Lawrence's reflections on her long-standing career brought out the critical aspect of female representation in healthcare leadership and the operational challenges therein. The transition to discussions around data's pivotal role, as highlighted by Lisa and Cara, underscored a key takeaway for healthcare's future: embracing technology and data to drive efficiency and innovation.

Cultivating Growth and Mentorship

A thread that wove through the webinar was the emphasis on growth, mentorship, and the importance of fostering a supportive network. From Stacia's advocacy for hands-on experience to Cara's call for embracing one's drive and passion, the speakers echoed the sentiment that mentorship and continual learning are cornerstone for personal and professional development. The shared experiences highlighted the value of mentorship both as mentees and mentors, illustrating the cyclical nature of learning and teaching in carving out successful careers.


The Future Is Female: Shaping the Next Generation of Healthcare

As the webinar ended, the discussions converged on a hopeful and ambitious note towards the future. The speakers, each from their vantage points, outlined what they envisioned for the future of healthcare. The collective wisdom pointed towards a future where healthcare is more inclusive, technologically advanced, and led by leaders who are not just visionaries but also compassionate caretakers of their teams and the communities they serve.

In their concluding remarks, the speakers shared resources and strategies that have shaped their leadership philosophies. From podcasts like "Women Who Lead" to embracing everyday interactions as learning opportunities, the shared resources offer a glimpse into the diverse ways these leaders continue to grow and inspire.

In weaving together the insights gained, it’s important to reflect on the complexity, challenges, and the undeniable strength of these impressive women in healthcare leadership. Their stories are not just narratives of personal success, but blueprints for future generations of women aiming to leave their mark on healthcare. As we celebrate their achievements and heed their advice, we are reminded of the transformative power of resilient leadership and the endless possibilities that lie ahead for women in healthcare.



Caroline Smith

As ImagineSoftware’s Senior Marketing Campaign Specialist, Caroline manages and implements marketing initiatives, promoting technology innovations and expanding the company’s brand across various avenues. Caroline’s goal is to advance ImagineSoftware’s client, partner, employee, and public awareness, driving the company’s marketing strategy with creative, innovative, and effective marketing tactics.