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Patient Pre-Authorization System

Patient Pre-Authorization System 

What are Patient Pre-Authorization Systems? It's a process that helps alleviate error associated with manual submission, allowing you to care for your patients more efficiently while eliminating costs and delays associated with outdated processes.

Pre-Authorizations or prior authorization services have quickly become a major source of frustration in patient administration. Time-consuming and expensive, prior authorization can delay productivity and increase turnaround times for providing care. Imagine’s medical authorization portal facilitates the approval process between healthcare providers and payors by collecting patient information from medical providers for a variety of procedures and admissions. Claim the maximum reimbursement available while freeing up staff to focus on additional responsibilities that directly impact your bottom line.

What used to take days or weeks to complete now only takes minutes with Imagine’s secure, web-based system. Using an engine with over 27,000 payer and provider specific rules, the system determines if a prior authorization is needed while checking CPT-specific eligibility and benefits. It then submits the request in real time, and continues to check for status updates in the background. You’re alerted when the process is complete, allowing you to either work on the exception directly in the portal, or integrate the authorization number into your practice management system. Learn More about our Patient Pre-Authorization System.

"It’s a product that I really believe will be here as long as we are, and continue to evolve with us."

— Michelle Juette
Business Services Manager at Yakima Valley Radiology

Key Features of Prior Authorization Services

  • Simple 3-step process
  • Automated reconciliation tools
  • Automated system reporting

Medical Authorization Portal Benefits

  • Process takes only minutes to complete
  • Improve productivity and save time
  • Easy-to-use portal can be deployed in a standalone environment, or interfaced with a host
  • Majority of work and process run automatically
  • Eliminates outdated, time-consuming manual processes

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