You’ve heard the old saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” It’s true for a lot of things in life, from keeping a product style the same to holding off on updates to your house. Are lime green appliances still in style?

The same can be said for technology. Updates and new features come on the scene regularly, but that doesn’t mean the solutions and systems you currently utilize aren’t working just fine.

Nobody likes change. For some employees, it often makes them feel as if they have lost control over their role. For others, it’s the general uncertainty it brings. Many simply don’t think there’s a need for change — here’s where we come back to that “if it ain’t broke” line. 

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If you put your current (non-Imagine) billing & revenue cycle management system in this “no need to change” category, we get it! You probably like the functionality it has provided you over the years, and even though it might be running more slowly these days, it still does what it is designed to — most of the time.

Let’s face it, these kinds of solutions are an investment. You’ve got to get the most bang for your buck, especially if you’ve paid even more to develop out custom features over the years to better meet your specific operational needs. 

Speaking of investment, switching to an updated, automated, integrated system out of the box would completely negate all that work. As long as your employees know the standard workarounds, you’re still in good shape. They may have trained on the system years ago, and really, the basics haven’t changed since then.

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Now onto security. Have you been using your (non-Imagine) billing system forever without a data breach? That’s great news! Just goes to show you that cybercrime is probably more of a myth anyway. Apparently the average cost of a healthcare data breach is the highest among all industries at $10.93 million, but surely that’s an inflated number. After all, does anyone really understand what happens after data goes up into “the cloud”?

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If you ever do decide, though, that you want to update your current platform and automate your RCM lifecycle from pre-service to zero balance, Imagine can help. Yes, change can be scary, but it also can provide new opportunities and rewards – consider learning more about ImagineOne™, our multi-specialty, single platform billing software configurable features, settings and workflows to meet your specific practice needs. 

When you’re ready to chat, so are we. Until then, there is no need to request a demo.


Caroline Smith

As ImagineSoftware’s Senior Marketing Campaign Specialist, Caroline manages and implements marketing initiatives, promoting technology innovations and expanding the company’s brand across various avenues. Caroline’s goal is to advance ImagineSoftware’s client, partner, employee, and public awareness, driving the company’s marketing strategy with creative, innovative, and effective marketing tactics.