Webinar | Thrash Cyber Threats | Intelligently Disrupting Cybersecurity Threats in Your Medical Practice

Cybersecurity threats lurk around every corner. As attackers become smarter, your healthcare practice or organization must stay one step ahead. Join ImagineSoftware during our live webinar event, where you will explore best practices to improve your cybersecurity methods, leveraging the latest technology. From cybersecurity training and phishing simulations, to AI and data hosting, learn what it will take to formulate a robust risk management plan. Regardless of your team’s size, with the proper safeguards in place, your data can be protected. In celebration of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, you don’t want to miss this!

  • Discover how to prepare your staff to identify potential cyber-attacks via training programs.
  • Learn about the latest tools you can leverage to protect your data, including AI.
  • Implement a robust cybersecurity plan, including the next steps.


  • Anthony Brown

    VP of Information Technology; Corporate security Officer
  • Christopher Conrad

    Cybersecurity Officer
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