So far, 2023 has proved a pivotal year here at ImagineSoftware. In fall of 2022, we began teasing an all-in-one revenue cycle management (RCM) solution that was starting to take shape – the concept and development of ImagineOne

It began with an idea, and as quoted by Victor Hugo – "Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

The idea was simple enough; what if a single platform from a single vendor could simultaneously and autonomously work through the entire revenue cycle, eliminating the need for multiple point solutions? Is there any way of not just interfacing, not just integrating, but completely embedding technology that is so advanced, so profound, it goes beyond billing to encompass everything from pre- and point-of-service down to zero balance at 95%+ automation? Can all that data work together, not apart, and can the system inherently learn how to perform better over time?

We knew we could make this idea a reality. As Hugo would say, its time has come.

Since then, the Imagine team has been burning the midnight oil to breathe life into ImagineOne™. Now, here we are, on the precipice of unveiling something bound to redefine the entire billing landscape, and the excitement continues to grow as the final stretch comes into view.

Are you ready? Continue reading for how you can supercharge your journey toward more significant revenue and unprecedented organizational success with the Quantum Leap RCM platform.

Efficiency Meets Design 
With an upgraded user interface, ImagineOne™ takes autonomous billing to the next level with speed and enhanced usability. Seamlessly follow the revenue cycle across the lifetime of your claims under one system with a fresh design and simple user experience. The platform requires less support than traditional RCM systems through efficient processing and faster workflow automation, so you can allocate your resources where you need them most.

True Intelligence 
We mentioned 95%+ automation, right? ImagineOne™ is packed with the knowledge of two decades of successes and learnings from setbacks, based on thousands of feature enhancements and user suggestions, while performing tens of thousands of support hours for more than 4,000 practices and leaning on the experience of serving hundreds of millions of patient visits.

All of which equals a lot of intelligence

By leveraging both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural intelligence, plus robotic process automation within an enhanced core automation engine, ImagineOne™ helps you optimize processes to achieve goals effectively and reduce the cost of billing and revenue operations by 75%+.

Preliminary tests with live data show that following initial system corrections, over 60% of  
any remaining exceptions are autonomously corrected, pushing record automation levels.  
Learn more about the AI technology baked into ImagineOne™ achieving this – WATCH NOW

Embedded Integration 
As the name suggests, ImagineOne™ is an end-to-end platform that natively and tightly integrates all Imagine solutions into one solution. We hold our commitment to integration and the certification process to a very high standard, a testament to the importance placed on preventing software failures and service disruptions. ImagineOne™ unifies RCM functions seamlessly, eliminating the need to launch several separate systems. From prior authorization to estimation to clearinghouse to billing to reporting - you name it, it is embedded. After all, shouldn't automation and integration be purposeful?

The Path Forward

In today's world, technology intertwines constantly with our daily routines, aiming to optimize processes and elevate quality. As ever, healthcare technology remains a genuinely dynamic field, and we're ecstatic to bring ImagineOne™ to the forefront. We continue to strengthen our team of expert resources, helping equip our industry with cutting-edge software that raises the bar repeatedly by providing you with the tools needed to optimize your organization's revenue cycle processes and improve patient care, all while reducing costs. 

We hope you'll join us in revolutionizing healthcare technology because the future isn't just approaching; it's about to be reinvented – with ImagineOne™.

Imagine the impossible, possible. 
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Ben Buchanan

Ben is a veteran of the healthcare industry with over 12 years’ experience in account management and product management roles. He is responsible for the oversight and implementation of the Imagine Product line. He holds a Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and a Master’s of Business Administration from Queens University of Charlotte.