CHARLOTTE, N.C. | May 11, 2023 — ImagineSoftware™, the leading provider of autonomous medical billing software and revenue cycle management applications, has announced the launch of ImagineOne™, a game-changing platform that will revolutionize the revenue cycle process for the healthcare industry.

ImagineOne™, powered by Artificial and Natural Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation, provides the highest degree of innovative automation and a user-friendly platform that streamlines operations and boosts productivity for independent physician groups, medical billing organizations, and healthcare systems. The platform was proudly debuted during ImagineSoftware's 2023 Client Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

ImagineOne™ is a single-source, end-to-end platform that natively connects all Imagine systems while also tightly integrating Imagine-certified partner products. This integration further optimizes revenue cycle processes, achieves goals effectively, and reduces the cost of billing by 75%+. With an upgraded UI platform built on the fastest framework, ImagineOne™ takes autonomous billing to the next level.

"We are breaking the norm, again, with the most powerful billing system ever, providing bold, groundbreaking automation that will change revenue cycle management and give our Imagine family of clients and partners an incredible advantage," states Sam Khashman, CEO of ImagineSoftware. "The new platform is packed with the knowledge of two decades of successes, learnings from setbacks, thousands of requests and suggestions, and tens of thousands of hours of support for more than 4,000 practices while leaning on the experience of serving over 3 billion patient visits. ImagineOne™ is next-level technology and the crown jewel of the Imagine product suite."

ImagineOne™ offers enhanced usability and a fresh design, making it the most powerful billing system in the industry. The platform's comprehensive approach means it provides a fully functional, single-source system from pre- and point-of-service to zero balance, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on what they do best — providing exceptional patient care.

With ImagineOne™, ImagineSoftware is raising the bar once again, leading the healthcare technology revolution. The platform provides healthcare professionals with the tools they need to optimize their revenue cycle processes and improve patient care, all while reducing costs.

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