Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer Sam Khashman is the visionary behind ImagineSoftware, the leading organization redefining healthcare billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) technology. Khashman and the Imagine team are unlocking the immense potential of automation to reduce manual processes and workflow inefficiencies, especially within the complex realm of healthcare. Serving 75,000 physicians in all 50 states, ImagineSoftware’s pioneering solutions have simplified RCM and established new benchmarks for excellence within the industry. Learn more in our feature by The CIO World.

Over Two Decades of Innovation and Evolution

Founded in 2000, ImagineSoftware launched with the goal of creating workflow-centric software systems primarily

in the healthcare IT sector. The team quickly found significant opportunities to automate in healthcare due to the sheer

number of manual processes in place, and set about creating products that required as few human touchpoints as

possible. One of ImagineSoftware’s first clients famously said, “If we can imagine it, they can do it.” This simple

statement molded both the company’s name and core values. As Khashman highlights, “Our core values aren’t just

words on a wall; they are the compass guiding every decision we make. We deeply resonate with and embody these

values in our daily actions.”

Debuting Quantum Leap Technology

This year, ImagineSoftware introduces ImagineOne™, a game-changing platform revolutionizing the revenue cycle

process from pre-payment and point-of-service to zero balance. Powered by artificial intelligence, natural intelligence,

and robotic process automation, the single-source, end-to-end solution combines the highest degree of innovative

automation with a user-friendly platform to streamline operations, boost productivity, and effectively reduce the cost

of RCM operations by over 75%.

Press Release - Introducing ImagineOne™: A Quantum Leap in Revenue Cycle Management

“We are breaking the norm, again, with the most powerful billing system ever, providing bold, groundbreaking

automation that will change revenue cycle management and give our Imagine family of clients and partners an

incredible advantage,” states Khashman. “The new platform is packed with the knowledge of two decades of

successes; learnings from setbacks; thousands of requests and suggestions; and tens of thousands of hours of support

for more than 4,000 practices, while leaning on the experience of serving over 3 billion patient visits. ImagineOne

is next-level technology and the crown jewel of the Imagine product suite.”

Looking Ahead With Strategic Focus

At the forefront of leveraging various types of intelligent technology, the ImagineSoftware team remains deeply

committed to expanding its presence in multi-specialty billing. “My ongoing fascination with intelligence, user

behaviors, and process improvements has been instrumental in simplifying complicated processes, especially

considering the rapidly evolving technological landscape,” states Khashman. Innovation is a crucial perspective that

drives the company forward, placing emphasis on the importance of approaching challenges proactively and

embracing a servant leadership philosophy by prioritizing clients, partners, and colleagues. The mission is clear —

continuously innovate and deliver unparalleled technology, accompanied by exceptional customer support.

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Caroline Smith

As ImagineSoftware’s Senior Marketing Campaign Specialist, Caroline manages and implements marketing initiatives, promoting technology innovations and expanding the company’s brand across various avenues. Caroline’s goal is to advance ImagineSoftware’s client, partner, employee, and public awareness, driving the company’s marketing strategy with creative, innovative, and effective marketing tactics.