CHARLOTTE, N.C. | October 11, 2023Today, Technology Partners, LLC d/b/a ImagineSoftware™ announces the epic launch of its latest breakthrough product, ImagineOne™, designed to transform the revenue cycle management experience.

ImagineOne™ is not just a platform but a quantum leap into the future. With its cutting-edge features and exceptional performance, this platform is a seismic shift that will redefine revenue cycle management forever. The result of relentless innovation, jaw-dropping features, and immeasurable determination, ImagineOne® is designed not just to meet but exceed all expectations.

Platform's Powerhouse Features:

  • Hyper-Automation: ImagineOne™ combines both natural intelligence and artificial intelligence to drive 95+% automation of the entire RCM process while reducing the cost of billing significantly.
  • Blazing Speed: Propelled by state-of-the-art technology, ImagineOne™ offers lightning-fast performance and efficiency.
  • Sleek & Intuitive Design: Deployable on the device of the user’s choice, ImagineOne™’s stunning design reimagines user experience, making it a breeze to navigate.
  • All-In-One Dynamism: Making fragmented solutions a relic of the past. ImagineOne™ seamlessly integrates every feature and function of RCM into one holistic platform.

"ImagineOne™ isn't merely an upgrade; it’s a vision realized—a leap so bold it's destined to become the benchmark for future technologies," said Sam Khashman, CEO of ImagineSoftware™.  "The overwhelming results from our initial users exceeded even our most optimistic projections. This isn't just a product; ImagineOne™ is a monument to innovation and a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our customers and partners."

ImagineSoftware™ unveiled ImagineOne™ to its client base on 10/11/23, and it is live and ready to redefine revenue cycle management. Witness the future of technology today!


About ImagineSoftware™

ImagineSoftware™ is the leading provider of medical billing automation software and revenue cycle management applications. Offering powerful technology solutions for medical billing offices, practices, and hospitals for over 20 years, ImagineSoftware™ currently serves more than 75,000 physicians across 43 specialties. ImagineSoftware™ solutions improve financial efficiency, build provider reputation, and ultimately improve the patient experience. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @ImagineTeam or connect with us on LinkedIn “ImagineSoftware (Technology Partners, LLC)”.

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