Healthcare business intelligence and billing analytics

Analyze, predict, and create a better collection cycle


Your financial success should start with business intelligence and healthcare business analytics

Gain a bird’s eye view of your practice’s operations. Medical billing reporting, analytics, and healthcare business intelligence help you create data-driven decisions and outcomes to improve financial health.
healthcare business intelligence
One Resource
Connect multiple data sources under one dashboard.
healthcare business analytics
Roll-up Reporting
See the big picture of your business, your way.
medical business intelligence
Dynamic Filtering
Filter down reports by time, location, insurer, and more.
healthcare business intelligence
Report Creation Flexibility
Build reports based on what you want to track.
healthcare business analytics
Set automated reports to track what impacts your business the most.
medical business intelligence
Tie in phone systems, time clocks, clinical data, and accounting systems to maximize productivity.

"From the beginning, we needed a tool that could report globally across our entire client base. That's where [Imagine]Intelligence stepped in."

Pollux Systems Inc talks about the benefits of using ImagineIntelligenceTM to build robust and scalable reporting for their clients and the company itself.

Empower your business with smarter decision making

Denials Report

  • Report writer
  • Reporting module (250+ reports)
  • Flex (ad hoc) reports
  • Pivot table extraction wizard
  • Healthcare Business Intelligence Tool

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