Navigating the complexities of healthcare can be challenging, especially since a patients’ journey does not end at “check out”. ImagineSoftware is striving to make medical billing and operational technology simpler and more efficient with its secure, tokenized patient payment and intelligent patient engagement tools – Working together to deliver seamless transactions for both healthcare providers and patients. In the final installment of ImagineSoftware's three-part webinar series, panelists and revenue cycle experts, comprising of Imagine’s own Chris Mason, Martin Grist, and Adam Kirell, dive into the post-billing process, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the hands-free solutions available at ImagineSoftware today. 

"It's important to remember that we're all patients and the focus is, and should always be, on the patient," states ImagineSoftware’s Product Manager, Martin Grist.

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The recent acquisition of the RadNav product is a testimony to ImagineSoftware's commitment to innovate and optimize the healthcare revenue cycle. Located at the crossroads of technology and care, RadNav equips healthcare providers with real-time data to identify patients who might miss crucial follow-up appointments, fostering effective patient-care team communication. This automated process guarantees continuity of care and significantly reduces the risk of patients falling through the cracks of the healthcare system. Read the full press release here

Moreover, RadNav goes beyond simply saving costs. It also generates additional revenue by ensuring the completion of all necessary patient exams. Its seamless integration into existing workflows negates the need for extra staff and promotes efficiency. Furthermore, onboarding new clients is a strategic process, meticulously analyzing past reports to spot opportunities for patient appointments immediately after system activation. 

Another major benefit of integrating RadNav into Imagine's suite is how it ties program results directly to revenue. This is done by tracking patient activities, such as follow-ups and returns, which in turn provides a true Return on Investment (ROI).

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The power of analytics in patient engagement isn't overlooked either. Imagine understands the value of monitoring patient interactions and the success rate of these communications, which provides actionable insights to improve services. If a patient opts out of digital communication or if a phone number turns out to be a landline, paper communication is initiated to maintain patient engagement.

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The system is designed to notify large patient groups about appointments, recommendations, and follow-ups efficiently, setting specific criteria like referral, anatomy, and modality. It also tracks the quality of radiologist recommendations and the response from referring doctors. While starter templates are provided, Imagine works with practices to create unique messaging that fits its brand and delivers the necessary patient information. Continual monitoring and adjustments ensure the effectiveness of these messages. 

"These things happen automatically in the background. So once a patient is enrolled, you don't need to monitor this every day. They'll receive the messages on time," explains Adam Kirell, ImagineSoftware’s Sr. Director of Business Development - RadNav. 

One of ImagineSoftware's key strengths is its team's diverse experience across practices such as hospitals, imaging centers, and reading groups. This broad knowledge base brings a great understanding of the most effective strategies for each client, from resonating messaging to timing for the best response. ImagineSoftware leverages this institutional knowledge to benefit every client served, revolutionizing the way healthcare solutions are delivered.

In conclusion, the innovative approach of Imagine and its end-to-end billing platform, including patient payment portal, patient engagement tools, and patient follow-up automation, are reshaping the landscape of healthcare. All enhance efficiencies, maintain continuity of care, and augment patient interaction, while ensuring a solid return on investment. The integration of real-time data, automation, and an adaptable communication system forms the backbone of these services, eliminating any chance of patients falling through the cracks. 

Chris Mason, ImagineSoftware’s Director of Partner Channel Engagement, reiterated the key focus of all these advancements, reminding everyone that " the root of all this is the patient and that's who we're here to serve." 

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Leveraging the institutional knowledge gained from a broad spectrum of practices, strategies are continuously tailored to better serve clients. Their commitment to innovation and improvement remains steadfast as ImagineSoftware navigates through the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare.

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Ben Buchanan

Ben is a veteran of the healthcare industry with over 12 years’ experience in account management and product management roles. He is responsible for the oversight and implementation of the Imagine Product line. He holds a Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and a Master’s of Business Administration from Queens University of Charlotte.