RadNav, ImagineSoftware’s radiology workflow automation solution, is on a mission to reduce the number of referrals that go unnoticed and illnesses that go undiagnosed due to missed appointments – having a huge impact on both patients and healthcare providers. 

"The reason this exists is because we saw a problem in health care, not just in radiology, but really across all of health care. One out of every two patients today are not receiving appropriate follow-up care. That's 50% of patients that are given a recommendation to do something by their doctor who are not doing it for one reason or another." 

- Adam Kirell, RadNav’s Senior Director of Business Development

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Presented by Adam Kirell, RadNav’s Senior Director of Business Development and Kareem Malek, RadNav’s Director of Client Services and Implementation

Maximizing Patient Health

The consequences of not following up on the physician's recommendations can be dire. An estimated 80,000 deaths occur annually due to a lack of follow-up, and this leads to nearly half a billion dollars in malpractice claims yearly. Further, the opportunity cost of such missed follow-ups is significant – estimated to be a total of $11 billion. This starkly illustrates why RadNav exists – to ensure that individuals adhere to their medical advice and, in the process, reduce these figures significantly.

RadNav’s automation technology delivers real-time tracking and reporting for patient follow-up appointments, ensuring timely and accurate diagnoses of medical conditions. By helping patients stay on track with their prescribed treatments, RadNav strives to improve health outcomes while also reducing financial losses due to missed follow-ups.

RadNav is designed to simplify the healthcare journey and make it easier for patients to get the care they need. Increasing the completion rate of actionable recommendations from 40% to 70% can lead to much higher revenues for these practices. This increase would result in an estimated 30,000 follow-ups being completed each year and would yield an additional $6 million in revenue annually for a practice that performs 500,000 exams per year. RadNav’s platform accurately tracks this and includes components such as natural language processing, which can help identify follow-ups to be completed.

Increasing Patient Experience

RadNav is designed to be highly customizable so it can fit any practice’s workflow. It also offers an array of integrations with third-party applications like HER systems. This makes it easy for practices to share information between applications while maintaining data security protocols in compliance with HIPAA standards.

In addition, RadNav offers an intuitive user interface with a wide range of features such as appointment scheduling, automated reminders, appointment tracking reports, automated follow-ups, and more. Combining these features improves outcomes for both patients and providers alike by streamlining workflows and helping physicians stay on top of patient care in a secure environment.

RadNav allows healthcare administrators to save time and money through streamlined processes, as well as improve the quality of care through AI-based technology. Improved workflow automation is especially useful in reducing paperwork and administrative burden so that more resources can be devoted to providing better care. Additionally, the experience for both administrators and patients is improved through RadNav's intuitive interface. 

RadNav + ImagineSoftware, a Patient-Centric Ecosystem

Sam Khashman, ImagineSoftware’s President and CEO, states, “[RadNav and ImagineBilling] provides a unique advantage to the radiology groups we serve, placing true AI at the fingertips of our clients to save time and elevate patient care." RadNav seeks to revolutionize the patient care experience by managing the entire life cycle of the patient from start to finish. By understanding when a follow-up is necessary and what stage of care the patient is in, RadNav can trigger various services such as prior authorization, eligibility verification, payment estimation, and pre-payment options. This directs the patient on the path to follow-up and ultimately increases revenue for the healthcare provider.

"We can then directly message those patients and insert links or next steps for prepayment or eligibility...And ultimately that leads to scheduling, which leads to the patient coming back in, which leads to more revenue for you as the client." - Adam Kirell

By integrating with ImagineSoftware, users can gain access to real-time reports and implement the system quickly, typically within three weeks. This also leads to improved follow-up compliance by up to 60%. 

What are Clients Saying? 

"Went live within a few weeks, and I think that's a rare thing in health care to be able to say yes and go live within just a few weeks. Also results in significant improvement."

RadNav’s workflow technology is responsible for doubling volume through follow-ups and subsequent automation, not only resulting in a financial boost for one MRI client, but allowing them to create efficiencies throughout their practice by eliminating the need for manual labor that would otherwise take away time spent with patients. Clients continue to see increased revenue and ROI using RadNav, in addition to improved patient experiences. 

"Implementation has been really easy. Very painless."

ImagineSoftware and RadNav’s automation strives to create a more efficient and accurate health care system that saves lives through early detection. By leveraging advanced technology, RadNav automates processes to involve fewer manual tasks while still ensuring all recommendations are captured accurately. With its roadmap of integrations and expansion outside of radiology, RadNav, together with Imagine, is helping facilitate exceptional patient care and provider success.

"So far, anecdotally, they (patients) have been very thankful for the practices that have this program in place. And I think we've even saved a few lives by identifying some diseases early." 

-Adam Kirell

Learn more about RadNav’s patient engagement-enhancing technology here.


Ben Buchanan

Ben is a veteran of the healthcare industry with over 12 years’ experience in account management and product management roles. He is responsible for the oversight and implementation of the Imagine Product line. He holds a Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and a Master’s of Business Administration from Queens University of Charlotte.