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Revenue Cycle Management Software

Fast, Dependable and Intuitive Medical Billing Software.

Building a better patient and financial experience in healthcare by automating your revenue cycle

What is RCM Automation?
Software that Scales
Ideal for high-volume, complex medical billing
Physicians groups and billing companies use ImagineSoftware to automate recurring tasks, simplify workflows, and gain more control over your revenue cycle.
Multi-Specialty Billing Software for Billing Companies
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Increase your bottom line by switching to ImagineBilling™.

Centralized Billing Platform for Clinics and Group Practices
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Gain a bird’s eye view of your practice’s whole operation. ImagineIntelligence™ provides billing reports, analytics and intelligence at scale.

Best-In-Class Solution for Billing and Collecting from Patients
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For when your patient payment experience is essential to your business. ImagineSimplicity™ is a safe and easy way to get paid.

Streamline Your Billing

Enhance claims processing and collections while increasing revenue.

Claims Management

Automate labor-intensive processes and grow revenue with hands-free claims generation.

Revenue Cycle Management

Improve staff efficiency by reducing administrative duties and increasing revenue.

Intelligence and Analytics

Analyze, predict, and optimize your collection cycle. Maximize finances with data-driven decisions.

Patient Payment Experience

Simplify payment services for better collections, staff efficiency and easy, affordable ways to pay.

Social Responsibility

Making a positive impact on the communities that support us, ImagineGives sponsors charitable organizations throughout greater Charlotte, San Diego and Albany.

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