Webinar | Back-to-School: Patient Engagement & Prior Authorization 101

Is your radiology practice getting schooled by missed authorizations? Are your patient engagement efforts missing the mark? Pencil This In: Join ImagineSoftware and AbbaDox for our live webinar event, where you will experience AbbaDox's state-of-the-art patient engagement platform and learn how it fully integrates with ImagineSoftware's automated prior authorization technology - Improving workflow processes, patient experiences, and yes, revenue!

  • Chris Mason

    ImagineSoftware’s Director of Partner Channel Engagement
  • Gray Mason

    ImagineSoftware’s Senior Director of EDI Sales
  • Leron Marinovsky

    AbbaDox’s Executive Vice President of Client Services
  • Dianne Keen

    AbbaDox’s Vice President of Strategy and Growth
  • Nick Avossa

    AbbaDox’s Head of Solutions Engineering
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