Get Real-Time Visibility

See what’s happening behind the scenes after you hit ‘send’ with clinical and business intelligence. Embrace healthcare analytics and gain a new level of transparency into the minute-by-minute workings of your practice.

What challenges can business intelligence solve?
  • “I need a straight-forward way to organize my financial data by what’s important to me.”

    Keep an eye on your financial health by combining all your data into one easy to understand dashboard.

  • “I’m losing revenue, but I don’t know where and I don’t know why.”

    Drill down into your data to the lowest level to quickly find and fix the problem.

  • “I have to wait days and pull multiple reports for the few pieces of data I actually need.”

    Pull queries faster into one cohesive dashboard. Access is easy through user-friendly templates. No technical training required.

  • “I’m not sure where my accounts are in the different stages of the revenue cycle.”

    Easily track your accounts so you know exactly where they are as claims move through the system.

See a bird’s eye view of your practice’s operations

Days in A/R 49 35
Net Collections 85% 97%
A/R > 120 25% < 15%
Denials 9.7% 6.5%
Productivity 28K 40K
Coding Audit 88% 95%
Gain clarity into your business with:
Standardize and distribute a variety of reports across your entire organization.
Generate 250+ pre-built and customized reports or build flex (ad hoc) reports.
Monthly reports highlight key metrics and historical trends. Easily filter reports by time, location, insurer, and more.
Simulate “what-if” scenarios to changes that occur in one practice or across all practices
Set real-time alerts and reports to monitor your revenue cycle and track metrics with the largest impact to your business.
Connect clinical data, accounting, phone systems and time clocks all under one dashboard.
Track and validate every dollar that moves between your billing system and financial records.

"Things that are important for me to know about my business are the level of complexity for each case, how the pathologists are dividing their work, which insurance companies are paying at their maximum allowable rate and which ones are underpaying. I also need to know if my collections are going up or down each month. I can see all of these things with ImagineIntelligence at the click of a button."

Dr. Kevin Homer, Pathologist and President
Texas Pathology Consultants, PA