ImagineSoftware’s ImagineHosting empowers your data environment, supplementing existing staff and resources with Imagine's fully HIPAA-compliant data center, focused solely on the healthcare industry. Learn more about how ImagineHosting™ can help you truly focus on your patients, while not having to worry about their data’s security. 
  •  99.9% Uptime Guaranteed 
  •  SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPAA, & PCI DSS certified 
  •  24/7 Monitoring
  •  Disaster Recovery 
  •  Daily Backups and Updates
  •  Cyber Security 
  •  Physical Security


Anthony Brown, ImagineSoftware’s VP of Information Technology and Corporate Security Officer
James Chasteen, ImagineSoftware’s Sr Revenue Cycle Consultant
How reliable is your current data server? Don’t get tangled up in the “spaghetti” of wires. ImagineHosting™ offers clean, reliable systems featuring daily backups, robust disaster recovery plans and 24/7 monitoring – Including both physical and virtual security monitoring. Our team of IT consultants work around the clock to proactively manage your system, identifying and resolving technical gaps before they even become an issue.
We pride ourselves on maintaining 99.99% uptime, guaranteed, so your information is constantly available.
When your computer prompts an update, do you click “Remind Me Later”? You could be missing out on critical security patches to your data environment. ImagineHosting™ takes care of that for you with pre-scheduled maintenance periods and customized backups for your organization’s needs. “We want to make sure that security fabric is as tight as it possibly can be,” states Anthony Brown. “That really starts at the very beginning, which are your server updates...”
Never ask, “Where are the backups?” “Did we backup last night/week/month?” Not only trust but verify with ImagineHosting™’s 3-2-1 Backup Rule. Verifying three copies of your data are stored in two separate locations and one on an off-site/off-network location. This method protects even your backed-up data from cybersecurity attacks, such as ransomware – Keeping all updates, backups, and data pristine (and recoverable).
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Housing an abundant amount of healthcare data, patients depend on you to safeguard, it is crucial to use a data center you can trust. Rest easy using our fully HIPAA-compliant center, focused solely on the healthcare industry. Plus, leverage our Payment Card Industry (PCI), and Service Organization Control (SOC, Type I and Type II) certifications, as we adhere to industry standards and beyond.
PRESS RELEASE: “ImagineSoftware Announces Robust Compliance Certifications for Ongoing Data Protection” 
ImagineHosting™ offers more than data hosting, "It’s an insurance policy. At the end of the day, we’re doing all these things hoping we never have to deal with it...” states Anthony Brown. “If you get hit with ransomware or a malware attack or a server burndown, you can’t recover quick enough. The damage to the reputation of your practice, the financial hit, the cost of liability to your patients is astronomically huge... Which is why we take the extra time to verify our backups.” 
  •  Pay for what you use model based upon business volume
  •  Scale up/down based upon business needs
  •  Decreased on-prem integration costs
  •  Eliminates periodic hardware refreshes and maintenance
  •  Resilient and high availability architecture
  •  Remote, secure access providing operational agility
ImagineSoftware acts as your cybersecurity consultant and is available for additional training to further educate your staff and protect your data. Now offering a phishing simulation to test your team’s knowledge and readiness to react to potential breaches, equip your team with the tools needed to act as an additional line of cyber defense.


Securely house your data in the cloud with a trusted partner overseeing critical daily functions while you focus on your business and patients.