Automating your medical practice’s revenue cycle management (RCM) process can significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs. Automated RCM software offers a variety of benefits, from charge and claim management to electronic record scanning. Automation also enables efficient monitoring of productivity, recurring coding tasks, denial management, claims processing and payment posting. By implementing an automated medical billing system for your practice, you can maximize efficiency while reducing errors and improving accuracy in all areas of the RCM process.

Benefits of Automating the RCM process

Maximize productivity and speed up the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process with automated medical billing that allows practices to significantly improve their cash flow and track their results quickly and easily, while drastically reducing overall costs. By eliminating manual entry, including incorrect coding or billing data, billing teams improve their accuracy and productivity – resulting in decreased denials and loss of revenue. This increased productivity escalates even more with automation-driven speed for submitting bills and collecting payment from patients, eliminating potential customer complaints from lengthy wait times. An automated medical RCM also increases patient satisfaction by streamlining the billing process so that nothing gets lost in translation between practices and payers. By choosing autonomous medical billing, you can take advantage of the many benefits of accuracy, speed, and patient engagement for a fraction of the cost investment than would be required for performing billing manually.

Review & Evaluate Current Processes

Start by reviewing your current billing procedures to assess what needs to be done with each step of the process. Consider which tasks can be automated, from prior authorizations to patient payments. Looking into autonomous medical billing software or automated RCM systems brings several benefits such as reducing administrative costs or updating old technologies with more efficient solutions.  ImagineSoftware’s team is equipped with RCM experts, plus our own implementation and training teams, that are here to help with the transition from little to no automation, into your new RCM system. 

Claims, Denials, & Payments

Automated claim submission tools can help identify filing errors and omissions quickly, allowing you to send corrected claims faster and reduce the delays associated with manual submission. Automated denial management is an even more crucial element; helping make sense of denial rejections and providing a roadmap for fixing them in order to get paid faster. This workflow seamlessly connects to payment posting, forming the most accurate reimbursement payer and fastest method to receive payment. Easy-to-use payment portals allow patients to review and pay their bill from the comfort of their home, decreasing confusion and increasing engagement. Automating these areas of revenue cycle management (RCM) helps your practice run smoothly and get the money it needs quickly.

Recurring Coding Tasks

Automating your medical coding process is a great way to improve precision and effectiveness while alleviating basic, often repetitive, coding for your coders. ImagineSoftware’s automated coding solutions are an especially powerful tool, allowing you to quickly and accurately translate medical terms into trackable codes that expedite billing.  By creating a centralized and automated process for code capture and management, you can rest assured that your practice will remain on track to experience maximum efficiency when it comes to its billing.

Monitor Productivity

Maximizing your billing team’s productivity is one of the biggest benefits of automation technology.  This includes tracking both the performance of the system and of your teams, such as identifying time-wasting processes, how quickly invoices are being sent out, and the amount of money that is coming in from payments, and more. Keeping tabs on this data can help you recognize when changes need to be made or if something is amiss and needs troubleshooting. It can also reveal potential areas for improvement and optimization. Monitoring productivity should become a regular part of your review process to maintain maximum efficiency with automated billing for your medical practice. Learn more about ImagineSoftware’s real-time reports here

In review, automating your medical practice's billing process exponentially enhances efficiency, accuracy, and revenue by reducing administrative costs, implementing up-to-date technology, and minimizing manual operations. Automation can be utilized throughout the entire revenue cycle management process, from claim submission to patient payment. Streamlining the billing process enhances experiences from the inside out – by increasing your team’s efficiency to elevating your patients’ engagement. Start automating today for greater success tomorrow! Learn more about ImagineSoftware’s automated revenue cycle management platform here. Feel free to reach out to us for a one-on-one conversation, where we’re happy to provide comprehensive information about our services and how we can benefit your unique organization.

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