The beginning of a new administration always brings apprehension and anticipation. How dramatically will the next President change the trajectory of the country, if at all? Who will take leadership roles in the Executive branch, and will Congress enhance- or defeat- the new President’s priorities?

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With the inauguration of Joe Biden, in the middle of a pandemic, these questions are particularly acute this first half-year. Many of the questions swirling around the transition between the Trump Administration and new leadership under President Biden involve health care.

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A former nurse and practicing attorney, Sarah Freymann Fontenot, BSN, JD, CSP is a professional speaker who specializes in explaining how health care is changing and what those changes mean for health care providers as well as patients. She has taught health law at Trinity University since 1997 and has been a frequent speaker for numerous national provider groups for the last two decades. Her twice-monthly newsletter “Fontenotes” provides concise information about our health care system and currently reaches 25,000 readers. Sarah is a proud member of the Board of Directors at Peterson Health in Kerrville, Texas.

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