Meeting Dr. Homer, Pathology Billing, and Medical Business Intelligence

As Imagine’s Online Marketing Strategist, I typically communicate with a client by keyboard or phone, so having the opportunity to get to know them face-to-face is really refreshing. A few weeks ago, Dr. Kevin Homer from Texas Health Huguley Hospital visited our team at Charlotte Headquarters and gave us a lot of insight into his experience working with the team, why he chose ImagineSoftware for Huguley Pathology, and how powerful a medical Business Intelligence (BI) tool can be for pathology billing.

Dr. Kevin Homer is a Pathologist in Burleson, Texas and is affiliated with Texas Health Huguley Hospital. He received his medical degree from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Dr. Homer has used Imagine’s Business Intelligence Software since 2015.

Pathology Billing is Unique

    When compared with other industries in that performing multi-specimen testing on a patient can generate an abundance of claims involving multiple payors. When Huguley made the decision to look for a new practice management and RCM software solution, Dr. Homer had specific criteria that had to be met: 

  • The software had to be powerful enough to handle both anatomic and clinical pathology billing
  • The company had to provide a hosted solution, enabling Huguley to remove hardware from their office. 
  • A strong implementation and support process with limited downtime. 

Real-time Medical Business Intelligence

Dr. Homer also provided insight on his favorite things about ImagineIntelligenceTM, which Huguley uses on a monthly basis to report on things like payer mix, collection rate and surgical complexity levels.

The find out more about Dr. Homer, Huguley Pathology, and his experience using the medical business intelligence tool, watch the video!

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