ImagineSoftware: Automating Pathology

While still attending high school, Dr. Kevin Homer developed his own pathology software billing package for his father’s pathology business. This custom software package was ideal, even years later when Dr. Homer acquired his father’s practice. However, with the implementation of ICD-10 it became imperative for him to find a billing software that was robust enough to handle the volume of procedures his office charged for as well as one that could handle the coding necessary for the office to operate successfully.

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In 2015, Dr. Homer began searching for a billing software that could handle the number of procedures and codes that his office generated every year, he ultimately decided to go with the ImagineBillingTM platform combined with ImagineAppliance® to help automate his revenue cycle process.

According to Dr. Homer, ImagineBillingTM is a very robust software package that is able to handle the multiple thousands of procedures his office handles every month and ensure they are processed correctly and accurately.

But it’s not just Imagine’s software that has kept them as loyal customers for the last five years. It’s also Imagine’s dedication to innovation and customer service that keeps Dr. Homer and his billing team happy and enthusiastic clients.

“Imagine has never been a ‘drop it in your lap and see you later’ company. They are partners with us. One of the things I really enjoy and appreciate about our relationship is the biweekly scheduled conference calls we have with our Client Success Manager to address any issues that come up. Our environment isn’t static; it’s constantly changing. Having a reliable partner like Imagine that helps us work through issues and create solutions as our business needs change is essential to our success.”

Another aspect of ImagineSoftware’s platform that Dr. Homer has implemented is the ImagineAppliance®, Imagine’s automated medical billing solution. With the Appliance®, Dr. Homer’s facility is able to push a high level of procedures through every month and have a relatively low level of outliers.

“We make it a priority to automate as much of our process as possible. If we discover repeated outliers, we write a rule so that they start flowing through the system. Our staff works with Imagine’s Client Success Managers to ensure that we don’t have to revisit the same process repeatedly,” Dr. Homer says.

ImagineAppliance® allows for custom rule writing, auto-coding, data validation and electronic remittance all in one place. In effect it allows the staff to be customer facing rather than account facing.

Due to the powerful ImagineSoftware platform his office has implemented they are not only processing thousands of procedures they also are collecting more data than they did previously. They have a higher level of insight into their office and can access the data in their system any time through ImagineIntelligence™. Every night the software takes a snapshot of the business which Dr. Homer can manipulate and query without slowing down the system his employees are working on.

“Who are our top 5 referring physicians? What day is our busiest? How is the work divided among the pathologist? I can easily find answers to these questions with the ImagineIntelligence™ product. Those are the answers I need to have in order to run the business. Having the ability to build those custom reports is phenomenal and has become an integral part of running my business,” Homer stated.

Beyond the billing software and automation capabilities, Dr. Homer continues to tout the relationship he has built with ImagineSoftware’s dedicated team of managers. “Our Client Success Manager continually goes above and beyond for us. She knows how to work our system and pull the right levers within Imagine to get us the help we need, and if our CSM doesn’t know the answer they find someone that does.”

Above all is ImagineSoftware’s level of customer service. “All of the people at Imagine are always so nice and friendly. But it’s just not enough that they treat you nice; they also have to be good at what they do. What I appreciate is that I don’t have to make the choice between a company that does things right or is friendly, with Imagine I get both.”

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