CHARLOTTE, NC – ImagineSoftware, a leading provider of healthcare billing software, today announced that its medical billing and practice management solutions, ImagineBilling™ and CPU Med/FM, are ready for the ICD-10 transition.

In anticipation of the October 1 deadline, Imagine clients have participated and successfully completed the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) ICD-10 Volunteer End-to End Testing. Imagine clients demonstrated correct coding and test payment remittance claims acceptance for efficient and compliant revenue management.

“The transition to ICD-10 has a substantial impact on all facets of healthcare,” states Client Success Officer, Tyler Baker. “We have taken a proactive approach, working with our clients and vendor partners, to design and implement the system changes to be well prepared for our readiness to ICD-10.”

“As the ICD-10 transition approaches, our clients can feel confident in our products and company well in advance of the deadline,” said Darcee Karsten, Med/FM Software Support Manager.

ImagineSoftware’s revenue cycle management suite, including ImagineBilling™, and CPU Med/FM, offer medical providers in hospital based specialties unparalleled workflow efficiency and customization while increasing profitability. For more information on ImagineSoftware solutions visit

About ImagineSoftware and Technology Partners, Inc. ImagineSoftware is the leader of billing automation software and revenue management applications, offering powerful technology solutions for medical billing offices, practices, and hospitals, currently serving more than 15,000 physicians. ImagineSoftware solutions improve efficiency and build value while applying high quality standards to data integrity. ImagineSoftware is committed to innovative development and intelligent automation with the Imagine Suite of products, helping clients achieve peak performance and measurable results by streamlining the billing / collections workflow, improving staff productivity and increasing practice profitability to reduce the lifecycle of claims.

About CPU: CPU Medical Management Systems is part of the ImagineSoftware team and is a leading provider of cloud-based healthcare information systems for physician organizations and billing services. CPU’s practice management solutions tackle administrative and financial tasks with ease and accuracy, improving efficiency, increasing collections, and decreasing the cost of billing.