Dallas | May 04, 2021--To further its commitment to transform anesthesia practice management, Graphium Health, an innovative provider of anesthesia software and billing functionality, announced today a strategic partnership with ImagineSoftware, the leading provider of medical billing automation software and revenue cycle management. ImagineSoftware’s technology improves financial efficiency, builds provider reputation and ultimately improves the patient experience.

Through the partnership, Graphium Health and ImagineSoftware will offer a comprehensive approach to anesthesia revenue cycle management. With streamlined processing, including decreased billing turnaround time, providers can eliminate costly errors inherent to traditional anesthesia paper processes. Graphium Health and ImagineSoftware will ensure that the anesthesia revenue cycle remains consistent and reliable, allowing the provider to focus less on paperwork and more on what matters, the patient.

“Anesthesia practices are tired of spending more time on managing their billing than they spend with actual patients. Graphium and ImagineSoftware share a vision that we can reduce the complexity of anesthesia workflows and modernize anesthesia practices so they can focus more on providing safe and engaging patient care,” said Daniel Dura, CEO of Graphium Health. “ImagineSoftware’s technology-driven revenue cycle management tools, coupled with Graphium Health’s innovative medical record and analytics solutions, will help anesthesiologists streamline their overall practice management.”

"Our partnership and integrations with Graphium Health are vital to the innovation of the anesthesia revenue cycle management space. The work we’re doing together to help anesthesia practices, surgical centers and hospitals not only enhance their workflows, but prioritize and retain patients is meaningful,” added Kevin McDonald, Chief Revenue Officer of ImagineSoftware. “With fluctuating volume and ever-present changes in the anesthesia realm over the last eighteen months, providers need to collect revenue earlier and more often. Alongside Graphium, ImagineSoftware is ready to help practices move into the future with the power of technology in 2021 and beyond."

To learn more about Graphium Health, visit GraphiumHealth.com, and for more information about ImagineSoftware, visit ImagineTeam.com.

Graphium Health

Founded in 2010, Graphium Health provides innovative, mobile-based software designed to improve how provider groups, hospitals and surgery centers manage their anesthesia practices. Through the use of mobile technologies, Graphium Health provides full-service anesthesia billing, QCDR compliance, and clinical and operational reporting. Graphium Health allows healthcare providers to focus on their patients more than ever before by empowering anesthesia practices to increase total billing rates through intelligent systems that ensure accurate and automatic transfer of data to the billing department. Through effective data capture tools, Graphium Health is the leading software among anesthesiologists. Learn more at GraphiumHealth.com.


ImagineSoftware is the leading provider of medical billing automation software and revenue cycle management applications. Offering powerful technology solutions for medical billing offices, practices, and hospitals for over 20 years, ImagineSoftware currently serves more than 48,000 physicians. ImagineSoftware solutions improve financial efficiency, build provider reputation, and ultimately improve the patient experience. For more information, visit ImagineTeam.com and follow us on Twitter @ImagineTeam.