Technology Partners, LLC (dba ImagineSoftware™), a leading provider of medical billing automation software and revenue cycle management applications, announces ImagineInsights, a new robust reimbursement tool intended to better prepare physicians groups in response to the recent No Surprises Act and continuing reimbursement pressures. 

“There is a huge need for today’s healthcare organizations to efficiently and accurately calculate the correct reimbursement to prevent under/over payments,” stated Sam Khashman, president & CEO of ImagineSoftware. “What we have seen is that identifying trends in payor behavior and projecting profitability based on what-if analysis is often difficult and very manual. Providers are at a disadvantage when negotiating payor contracts because they don’t have access to the same regional and national information that the payors do.”

With ImagineInsights, managing contracts becomes more transparent through efficient monitoring and reporting of payor activity, helping provide predictive modeling and benchmarks to better maximize reimbursement. The product is designed to actively review average amounts paid by payors/procedures while comparing variances in reimbursement across different payors and geographic regions. Groups can see how their payment averages and volumes compare against the remainder of the healthcare landscape, also evaluating reimbursement of paid amounts with or without patient responsibility. In addition, organizations that fall under the No Surprises Act now have the advantage for placing increased scrutiny on out-of-network contracts during payor/provider collaboration.

“No other revenue cycle management technology company is doing this the way we are,” continued Khashman. “We are truly arming our clients with the most impactful data for navigating the No Surprises Act and negotiating more successful payor contracts. ImagineInsights aggregates and automates the data in a way that makes it easy to understand so that our clients are no longer in the dark on fair reimbursement.” 

Technology Partners, LLC (dba ImagineSoftware™)

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