CHARLOTTE, N.C. | May 10, 2023 – Technology Partners, LLC (dba ImagineSoftware™), a leading provider of medical billing automation software and revenue cycle management applications, announces a strategic partnership with Quinsite, a healthcare data analytics solution.

Through the partnership, ImagineSoftware and Quinsite will offer a comprehensive approach to healthcare revenue cycle and business analytics management by integrating Quinsite’s Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ directly with ImagineSoftware’s billing platform. Leveraging both systems, healthcare providers and medical billing organizations operate with a bird’s eye view, driving growth strategies and data-driven business decisions.

“Our partnership and integrations with Quinsite are evident of the commitment both organizations hold to innovating healthcare business technologies,” states Sam Khashman, ImagineSoftware’s CEO. “Between ever-changing volumes and legislation, it is more important than ever for providers and practice administrators to have control of their data, run accurate reports, and analyze each sector of their business. Together, ImagineSoftware and Quinsite are enhancing workflows, reporting, and scalability. Most importantly, this prioritizes patients, delivering more time and data dedicated to their experiences.”

"This mutually beneficial referral partnership is a natural progression of Quinsite’s relationship with ImagineSoftware, as our two companies strive to help even more healthcare organizations automate workflows, save administrative time and improve their bottom line. While several specialty healthcare practices already realize the benefits of using ImagineSoftware’s revenue cycle management solutions together with Quinsite’s healthcare analytics platform to better understand and act on their revenue cycle analytics, this referral partnership promises to expand industry reach and create new revenue opportunities for both companies,” explains Jeff Maze, Quinsite’s CEO.

About ImagineSoftware
ImagineSoftware is the leading provider of medical billing automation software and revenue cycle management applications. Offering powerful technology solutions for medical billing offices, practices, and hospitals for over 20 years, ImagineSoftware currently serves more than 75,000 physicians across 43 specialties. ImagineSoftware solutions improve financial efficiency, build provider reputation, and ultimately improve the patient experience. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @ImagineTeam or connect with us on LinkedIn “ImagineSoftware (Technology Partners, LLC)”.

About Quinsite 
Quinsite is a leading provider of integrated healthcare data analytics software to physician practices, hospitals, and healthcare organizations, touching over 25 million patients and more than 2500 providers nationwide. Quinsite’s Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ integrates and analyzes data from disparate systems to generate actionable insights, easily accessed via one, user-friendly interface that offers a suite of real-time, robust applications aimed at arming healthcare leaders with visibility across their entire organization to make data-driven decisions that increase productivity, optimize resources, improve quality, and boost revenue. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.