Webinar | OBL Game Plan: Crafting a Winning Strategy for Outpatient Interventional Radiology Success

Gear up for an all-star session that's all about game planning for your Interventional Radiology practice! Join ImagineSoftware as we welcome Dianne Keen, FRBMA, a trusted advisor and consultant for IR practices across the nation - Diving into the strategic maneuvers needed for a high-performing Office-Based Lab (OBL) in this upcoming webinar. Whether you're a part of a diagnostic/interventional group looking to expand with an OBL, or independent an IRad scouting the field to establish your own independent OBL base, we've got the playbook tailored for you. Get ready to explore essential elements like differences in practice models, outsourcing decisions, and Dianne Keen’s "IR Trifecta" strategy, breaking down the synergy between the IR Champion, Seamless Operations, and Winning Marketing & Business Strategies. Think of it as setting up the perfect play with a quarterback, offensive line, and a star receiver, all working in harmony. Secure your OBL's touchdown with this strategic session.

Learning Objectives:

1. Navigate the Field: Understand different OBL practice models, ensuring you choose the setup that aligns with your team's strengths and goals.

2. Perfect the Handoff: Recognize key elements of success, from in-house management to knowing when and what to successfully outsource, much like deciding when to rush or pass the ball.

3. Master the IR Trifecta: Discover the threefold approach of aligning your IR champion, operational strategies, and marketing/business prowess, setting up your OBL for a championship run.


Presented by: Caroline Smith | Sr. Marketing Campaign Specialist
  • Dianne Keen

    FRBMA, VP of Strategy and Growth at AbbaDox
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