You Cannot Spell HEalthcaRe without HER - A Women in Medical Billing Panel

According to the World Health Organization, women account for 70% of the global healthcare sector - Yet, at the executive level, women make up just 25% of healthcare leadership positions. In celebration of Women’s History Month, join ImagineSoftware welcoming female leaders, pioneers, and physicians within the medical billing industry, sharing their experiences, challenges, and what they’re preparing for in the healthcare industry’s future.

Featured Panelists:

Jennifer Hicks | Sceptre Management Solutions' President
Roxanne Smith-Kovac | Advanced Pacific Medical Billing's Owner and Chief Executive Officer
Susan Bailie | Healthcare Administrative Partners' Senior Vice President of Operations
Jamie Hill-Walters | Alpha II's Chief Revenue Officer
Sara Nofziger-Drew | Medical Billing Consultant
Sarah Tolsen | Sceptre Management Solutions' Director of Operations

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