Pathology Billing in 2021 & Beyond

The Pathology Industry was put through the test during the last 12 months. Between developing vaccines and conducting research, new regulations are adding more to your plates (or petri dishes). Is your group prepared for these continuous changes? Do you know what is ahead, in 2021, for your industry and group?

Join us as we discuss the ways Pathology Practices can best adapt to new regulations and increasing volumes. In this webinar, hear from Pathology Professionals, including clinical directors and industry consultants, of technologies and best practices to prepare your own team for 2021 and beyond.

On the panel we welcome Mick Raich, President/CEO of Vachette Practice Management, Dr. Kevin Homer - Laboratory Director of Texas Pathology Consultants, and Jill Lewis, Practice Administrator of Histopath Inc.

Hosted by:
  • Courtney Franco

    VP of Sales
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