Web Based Medical Practice Management Software Boosts Productivity and Reduces Costs

web based medical software ImagineMedFM™ is a comprehensive medical management software solution for medical billing and practice management services. ImagineMedFM™ delivers unsurpassed flexibility and user productivity in a dependable, user-friendly system. Learn about our online medical billing software systems.

Flexible Deployment Options Based on Your Management Needs

ImagineMedFMTM has the dual ability to be used as an in-house solution or can be available on-demand at a low monthly subscription fee – hosted in the cloud – allowing you flexibility in the management of your practice.

From high volume workflow to constricted claim follow-up processes, ImagineMedFMTM meets the online medical billing and practice management software needs of over 15,000 physicians across the U.S.


"With ImagineMedFM, we found a way to automate and get rid of all manual billing processes."

Say hello to paperless billing!

  • Electronic remittances
  • Batch eligibility
  • Claims tracking
  • Trend reporting

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Security is your most valuable asset

ImagineMedFMTM uses the most advanced security technology to protect your data.

ImagineMedFMTM VPN solution provides a tunnel through the Internet from your operation to our data center. A VPN solution ensures privacy and security for your data with state-of-the-art features like 168-bit encryption & user authentication.

ImagineMedFMTM uses cloud based hosting for the safety of your data

  • 24/7 security system: monitored video surveillance, on-site security guards, biometric hand-scan entry system, and a controlled entrance/exit
  • Environmental monitoring system to maintain humidity and temperature
  • Early warning fire protection system with FM200 gas-based suppression and double pre-action dry pipe sprinkler
  • Uninterruptible power supply and multiple generators
  • Redundant T1 Internet access