Revenue Cycle Solutions and Medical Billing Workflow

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Streamline your medical billing workflow to improve staff productivity and increase practice profitability. Imagine’s revenue cycle solutions encompass every step of the billing cycle, from pre-visit to follow-up and collection of patient payments.
Choose the services that best fit your organization’s medical billing workflow to simplify the patient payment process and drive more revenue into your business.

Patient Payment Plans

Affordable and accessible patient payment plans at zero-interest. HonorCare® allows patients to spread their payments out over time, and guarantees practice payment within 10 days.  Learn more

Collection Services

Healthcare Billing Collections

A partner developed recovery solution that replaces your pre-collections efforts. Healthcare billing collections minimize the collections timeframe, letting you take advantage of patient initial contact.  Learn more


Electronic Claims Services

Electronic claims services through Imagine gives you greater convenience by integrating the electronic claims and remittance process with our medical billing software. Submit electronic claims to multiple insurers quickly and accurately for more accurate revenue forecasts.  Learn more


Patient Responsibility Estimator

Your biggest opportunity to collect on a patient is at time-of-service. Imagine’s Estimation Services act as a patient responsibility estimator, meaning improved RCM for you, and less confusion for your patients on their out-of-pocket costs.  Learn more

Bank Posting and Reconciliation

Payment & Records Reconciliation

Paint a clear financial picture with payment and records reconciliation services, which automates the entire process, ensuring that patient payments match their corresponding bank deposits. Reduce audit and fraud risk while improving your revenue cycle process.  Learn more

Infrastructure Services

Healthcare Infrastructure Support

Accessing and sharing information among medical staff using reliable healthcare infrastructure support is crucial, especially when lives are on the line. With Imagine’s Infrastructure Services, we’ll run the cloud so you can run your business.  Learn more


Patient Pre-Authorization System

Patient Pre-authorization system services automates and simplifies the typical lengthy pe-auth process in 3 easy steps, allowing for better patient care and outcomes.  Learn more