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Automated insurance eligibility, pre-authorization and more


46,000+ physicians use Imagine medical practice software for billing management

Healthcare reimbursement is growing more complex as the industry experiences value-based care and changing regulations. Getting paid accurately and fairly for the services and care you provide isn't always easy. With ImagineSoftware’s medical office billing software and revenue cycle management solutions, we help our clients achieve peak performance and measurable results by streamlining the billing and collections workflow, while increasing staff productivity through intuitive reporting and automation of the billing process.

  • Improve staff productivity
  • Increase practice profitability
  • Reduce the lifecycle of claims
  • Automate manual billing processes
  • Reduce days in A/R

Discover medical practice software solutions for your specialty

Radiology and Imaging Centers

Radiologists & Imaging Centers

  • Accommodates every size practice and imaging center
  • Intelligent reporting without the waiting for queued information
  • Automated tasks eliminating time-consuming staff labor
Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

  • Episode visit and charge line level posting
  • ED-specific and ad hoc custom reports
  • Freestanding ED solutions
Emergency Medicine

Clinics and Labs

  •  Accommodates clinical and anatomical pathology
  • Manages both global and professional charges
  • Handles the complexities of CMS and insurer rules


  • Charge capture supports multiple conversion factors and directing/directed scenarios
  • Supports frequent denials like MAC and postoperative pain blocks
  • Charge posting time-unit increments and physical status modifiers that can be set per payor or practice

In a changing healthcare landscape, automated medical billing software increases your bottom line and save staff time while you provide high-quality care. Choose the products and services that best fit your business needs for the definitive medical office billing software and practice management solution.

Get paid faster with the industry's first intelligent, multi-specialty medical billing and revenue cycle management system. Enhance everyday billing applications and reduce the lifecycle of claims to increase practice profitability. More...

  • Automates your billing and collections processes
  • Reduces the lifecycle of claims
  • Flexible to accommodate the needs of small to multi-practice entities
  • Client driven reporting and dashboard capabilities
Medical Billing Software

In an industry moving towards value-based payments and patient consumerism, allow patients to pay their medical bill easier than ever with ImaginePayTM, the online self-pay patient portal. More...

  • Scalable to address multiple payment scenarios including time of service and statement payments
  • PCI compliant so patients know their credit card information won’t be stolen
  • Patient payment is made in 5 simple steps, it only takes minutes
  • Gives your business mobility and creates stronger patient relationships


Did you know electronic claims take 30% less time to process compared to paper? Make the switch with ImagineAppliance®, a solution that automates charge capture and file transfer, eliminating time-consuming manual staff work. Errors are reduced so your claims are much more likely to be correct the first time, leading to increased cash flow. More...

  • Uses automated timers and natural language processing
  • Hands free claim generation and submission
  • Reduces the claim lifecycle and generates clean claims the first time
  • Creates an automated medical billing process with little to no manual intervention


Practice Management Systems
Medical Payment Plans

Sometimes, it’s a struggle for patients to pay their medical bills. HonorCare® is a no-interest payment plan that allows patients to pay their bills flexibly over time, and guarantees your business a quick payment within 9 days. Increase collections without the risk of loan management or debt collection. More...

  • Ideal for time of service and patients with high deductibles
  • No interest to patients and no recourse to your business
  • Easy patient approval process and flexible payment schedules

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