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Collect on claims in 3-7 days through automation, reporting and staff efficiency

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What makes us the leading radiology billing software?

ImagineSoftware helps hundreds of radiology practices, imaging centers, and billing companies across the country achieve peak performance through automation, reporting, and staff efficiency.

Reimagine payment accuracy.

Our tools allow customers the ability to be paid within 3 to 7 days once a claim is sent. Through automated editing, claim scrubbing, and innovative analytics, generate more clean claims and drive medical and administrative savings.

"We get our money so fast now."

  • Intelligent Reporting — Run any report you need in real-time without the hassle of waiting hours or days for queued information.
  • Automated tasks — Eliminate time-consuming staff labor with hands-free electronic claim generation and submission, auto-coding and charge posting, and real-time data validation.
  • User-friendly software — With flexible set-up and easy-to-use navigation, ImagineSoftware accommodates your every need; whether you're one practice or operate under multiple imaging centers.
  • Fewer days in A/R — We streamline the billing and collections workflow to shorten the claims lifecycle and increase practice profitability.
  • Smooth implementation — Our team has experience with E H R, RIS, LIS, HIS, Clearinghouses, Statement Vendors, Collection Agencies, Accounting and Analytics systems over 17+ years in business.
  • Customer service — As one of our core values, we strive for Intentional Excellence in everything we do. Fostering strong client relationships and providing intuitive RCM solutions is part of who we are.

Evansville Radiology shares what they love about using ImagineSoftware to streamline the revenue cycle and collect faster than ever before.

ImagineRadiology™ billing software improves workflows and your bottom line

Radiology Billing Software
Improves cash flow, simplifies processes, and provides real-time productivity monitoring
automated radiology solution
Hands-free billing workflow with flexible setup, easy-to-use navigation, and detailed logging of each action performed
Radiology Practice Business Analytics
All the dashboards, analyses, and predictive analytics you need to keep your business on track
RCM Solutions that focus on every aspect of your billing operation
  • Customizable Individual tickler worklists for faster and accurate patient, denial, and insurance follow-up
  • Up to 95% automated electronic payment posting without staff intervention
  • Staff translation tools accommodate fast and accurate charge capture
  • Multiple reporting options that detect and project trends
  • Comprehensive auditing of every touchpoint and change to your data

It's not just about the software, it's our people too.

The ImagineTeam delivers the best support to improve efficiency and net income for our clients. Our developers are pros in their respective skill sets, helping to provide products and system solutions with uncompromised flexibility and reliability. Ultimately bringing you smarter and faster technology for your business.


Most loved by radiology clients — ImagineAppliance®

ImagineAppliance® takes radiology billing software solution to the next level through automated charge capture and file transfer, allowing for quicker and more accurate submission of claims. More...

  • Hands-free claim generation and submission
  • Real-time validation
  • Minimal human intervention
Radiology Billing Software

What our clients say: Ed Wolff, IT Director and Business Processes, McHenry Radiologists

"[Imagine] is highly intuitive for the user. Couple it with ImagineAppliance which allows us to automate manual functions, and our updates move in automatically instead of manually releasing them. It gives us a lot of extra functionality and we get a lot of bang for our buck."

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