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Automated Emergency Medicine Billing Software and RCM Solutions

Spend more time caring for your patients and less time on administrative actions. Let ImagineSoftware support your emergency room billing by streamlining workflows and increasing your bottom line.
emergency medicine billing solutions
Episode visit and charge line level reporting
emergency medicine billing solutions
Client-driven reporting, including ED-specific and ad hoc custom reports
emergency medicine billing software
Tie in multiple data sets for the total practice picture

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Emergency Medicine Billing Solutions for Hospital-based and Freestanding Emergency Departments

ImagineIntelligence™ Business Intelligence tool


This ED business intelligence and analytics tool allows you to tie in multiple data sets — like clinical quality measures and billing — to give you the total practice picture.
Cleaner claims with patient pre-authorization solutions

Cleaner claims

with patient pre-authorization solutions, automated claims submission, and artificial intelligence tools to verify and update patient demographic and insurance information.
Comprehensive and automated electronic worklist ticklers

Take a proactive

approach to shortening days in A/R with comprehensive and automated electronic worklist "Ticklers" (insurance, denials and patient) that inform and alert A/R follow-up.
Client-driven reporting with ImagineIntelligence™


reporting with 200+ standard reports, as well as EM-specific and ad hoc custom reporting mechanisms.
Download module eliminates opportunities for duplicate accounts

Download Module

eliminates opportunities for duplicate accounts and reduces billing clutter through intelligent engineering.
web-based patient payment portal


our web-based patient payment portal, allows for time-of-service and mobile statement payments under one portal, allowing for easy and secure patient payment.
Medical Payment Plans

Most loved — HonorCare®
HonorCare® is the no-interest patient payment plan that allows you to offer affordable treatment without the need to discount services. Increase collections by providing an affordable payment option without the risk of loan management or debt collection. Patients pay for their bills flexibly over time while your business is paid within 9 days. More...

  • Patients choose 3, 6 or 12-month payment options, depending on their needs & budget
  • Perfect for time of service and patients with high deductibles
  • Credit score is not a factor; application approval is based on account and employment history
  • Reduce the volume of payment-related calls to staff and increase patient satisfaction


End to end revenue cycle focusing on all aspects of Emergency Medicine billing

emergency medicine billing software
Automate and customize your billing workflow for improved collections and measurable results in staff productivity.
Eliminate routine and time-consuming manual processes with automated file transfer and management functions.
emergency medicine billing software
Make better business decisions with true insight into organizational financial health with our business intelligence tool.
ImagineSoftware’s Emergency Department Billing Software includes:
  • 100+ standard reporting including ED-specific and ad hoc custom reporting mechanisms
  • Business intelligence that ties in multiple data sets like clinical quality measures and billing
  • Access to unique programs designed to capture more revenue, faster like ImaginePay and HonorCare
  • Automated worklists that inform and alert A/R follow up for a more efficient revenue cycle

Freestanding ED Solutions

We know you have specific reporting needs as a freestanding ED. Unlike other emergency medicine facilities, you must report on both facility and professional-billing.

Using ImagineSoftware, you can create UB claims and HCFA independently or together, depending on your unique needs.

Specialty reports such as...

  • Admit Level Percentage
  • CPT Frequency Distribution Percentage/Trending for APP and Physician
  • Critical Care Trend
  • Deficiency Summary
  • Heart Group Charge Report
  • Inpatient Trend by Location or Provider
  • Observation Care Trend

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