Anesthesia Billing Software

within a single billing system


Integrate and support the complexities of anesthesia billing under one practice and revenue cycle management solution

ImagineAnesthesia™ provides integrated anesthesia-specific charge capture technology that supports multiple conversion factors and directing/directed scenarios within a single billing system.
  • Denial management cut common anesthesia-specific denials like MAC and postoperative pain block denials.
  • Intuitive reporting with targeted metrics that can be drilled down by case or procedure level as needed.
  • Automated billing to streamline the billing process, increase collections and remove manual errors
  • Time-unit increments and physical status modifiers can be set per payor or per practice under charge posting

Most loved — ImagineMedFM

ImagineMedFM™ is a comprehensive medical management software solution for medical billing and practice management services that delivers unsurpassed flexibility and user productivity in a dependable, user-friendly system.

  • Collections and productivity reports
  • Denial management
  • Lower billing costs
  • Maximized collections


anesthesia billing software

What our clients say: Don Rodden, HealthPro Medical Billing

"Labor savings is vital to long term success in medical billing, and MedFM is designed specifically with that in mind, which in turn yields a strong and favorable return on investment for us."

End to End Revenue Cycle Solutions for Anesthesia Billing

Revenue Cycle Management
Increases collections, simplifies the billing process, and provides real-time productivity monitoring
Pathology Billing Software
Automated billing workflow with flexible setup, easy-to-use navigation, and detailed logging of each action performed
Pathology Billing Solutions
All the dashboards, analyses, and predictive analytics you need to keep your business on track

Imagine's Anesthesia Billing Software includes:
  • Integrated charge capture technology supporting multiple conversion factors and directed/directing scenarios
  • Intuitive reporting with targeted metrics that can be drilled down to case and procedure level
  • Anesthesia-specific charge posting — time-unit increments and physical status modifiers set per payor or practice

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