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Online Patient Payment Portal

online patient payment portal Designed to simplify online patient payment – allowing you to process time-of-service payments and collect payments in one centralized location for all of your patients. Patients have ease of mind that they’re making their payments easily and securely. The process is simple, and can be done anywhere the internet is available. Learn More about our Online Bill Pay Portal.

Give them the patient billing experience they want!

The benefits of an online self-pay portal to patients

Nine out of ten people prefer online patient payments. However, 96% of patients still write checks in order to pay for their medical expenses because they’re not given another option.

  • Transparency — Costs are clearly communicated and accounts are easy to pay.
  • Mobility — Patients can pay their medical bills on-the-go, via mobile.
  • Security — ImaginePayTM is PCI-certified, so patients know they’re paying through a secure portal.

The benefits of a patient payment portal to your business

Alleviates administrative burden, automates payment scheduling, allows patients to pay for their medical bill anywhere there's an internet connection. Helping you boost collections and improve your relationship with patients.

  • Cut costs and save time
  • Receive patient payments faster
  • Reduced days in A/R
  • Create stronger patient-provider relationships

Key Features

  • Patient pays in 5 simple steps
  • Time of Service payments
  • Secure — PCI-certified

Benefits of ImaginePay

  • Simplifies payment process for both patients and providers
  • Time-of-service payments integrate with an EHR or scheduling system
  • Payment methods are kept securely on file
  • Patient Portal allows patient account creation
  • Ability to update personal and insurance information
  • Automated budget plans
  • Cloud-based server, no webserver required

Patient Payments Made Simple


Designed with time-of-service in mind.  Payment transactions easy and convenient for both provider and patient.


Patients pay their medical bills in 5 simple steps: Providing basic information to retrieve a provider balance, selecting the amount they wish to pay, how they would like to pay, entering their billing address, and reviewing their selections to confirm payments details. That’s it!


PCI-certified compliant platform; meaning that your patients’ personal and payment method information are kept securely on file.

Five Simple Steps For Patients

Making a payment is simple and requires minimal information from the patient's medical statement.

1. Provider Balance - First we retrieve the provider balance using some basic information found on the billing statement. By entering the account number, provider, and patient date of birth, we are able to locate the account balance.

2. Payment Amount - Now that we have located the balance, the patient is able to select the amount they wish to pay. They may choose to either pay the minimum expected payment or pay the total balance.

3. Payment Method - The patient selects their preferred payment method. For convenience, ImaginePayTM accepts all major credit cards and ACH debits.

4. Billing Address - Once the patient selects an amount to pay and how they would like to pay, they enter the billing address associated with the payment to verify the card holder information.

5. Collect Payments - That's it! The patient reviews their selection and confirms payment details.

The Virtual Wallet keeps payment information secure, while payment history allows patients to view exactly what they have already paid for, all under one intuitive patient payment services dashboard.

"It’s a product that I really believe will be here as long as we are, and continue to evolve with us."

— Michelle Juette
Business Services Manager at Yakima Valley Radiology

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