ImagineMedMC™ Managed Care Software

A Cloud-based Healthcare Delivery System

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A comprehensive web-based and automated claims processing system for managed care organizations


Our managed care software solution is a "start to finish" healthcare delivery system that allows you to manage healthcare costs and quality of care including eligibility, referral and authorization processing, provider contracting, flexible pricing methodologies, benefit administration, auto claims adjudication, capitation (PCP and Specialty), EOB/EFT check processing, and EDI transfers and reporting.
ImagineMedMC™ can be deployed as a cloud solution or an in-house system and is ideal for the following types of organizations:
  • Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)
  • Independent Physician (or Practice) Organizations (IPAs)
  • Third Party Administrators (TPAs)
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
  • Self-Insured Groups
  • Insurance companies and companies administering specialty products and services for mental health, home health, lab, physical therapy, etc.

Did you know?

31% of providers are still using manual claims management processes regardless of the complexities around submitting claims and the labor associated with managing denials. Manual processes can slow down productivity, given the amount of data needed to manage claims at a successful rate.

"A lot of companies say that their software can do great things, but that’s not always the case. ImagineMedMCTM can actually do the things that ImagineSoftware says it can do. Our auto-adjudication rate has really improved. We save a lot of time getting payments out to providers and they’re much more accurate. That’s the most important thing for us."

— Marissa Massey, Director of Information Systems, Physician’s DataTrust
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Benefits of ImagineMedMC™ Managed Care Software

managed care software
User-friendly and available in Green Screen or GUI

managed care software
Claims are auto adjudicated

Healthcare claims processing system
Client-specific customization


Healthcare claims processing system
Comprehensive claims pricing methodology

Claims processing software
Multiple selection criteria for capitation processing

Claims processing software
HIPAA compliance formats


Maximize Productivity

  • Member eligibility and benefit history
  • Referral management and fax referral authorization
  • EOBs and check writing
  • Provider contract management
  • Letter writing templates
  • Premium billing
  • Reporting and data warehousing

Seamlessly integrate the complexities of administrating eligibility, referral authorization and claims processing. ImagineMedMCTM functions and features maximize data integrity while reducing data entry.

"I know the ImagineMedMC team well. They will do whatever it takes to get things done. We often receive last minute requests with things our business leaders want changed quickly. Also, sometimes our clients are unclear about our prioritization and requirements, and that can change at the drop of a dime. That being said, the ImagineMedMC team will always pick up the phone when we need them."

— Leo Pelletier, Systems Application Manager, Steward Health Choice
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