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Medical Billing Clearinghouse and Electronic Claims Services

Electronic Claims Services   Medical billing clearinghouse services are designed to automate the revenue cycle process for health organizations. Among those services are clearinghouses that help you make the switch from paper, generating electronic claims for a cleaner, easier process. Simply put, claims that are sent electronically are paid much fast than paper claims. Claim errors are reduced to as low as 2-3%, compared to paper claims with an error rate of around 28%. Delivering real-time visibility through electronic claims services, Imagine’s medical billing clearinghouse services offer the necessary tools to proactively correct errors in claims, ensuring a high first-pass accuracy rate and helping to eliminate lost transactions. By providing practices with unprecedented visibility into their financial performance and an accurate clean claims ratio, thousands of medical practices across the country have reduced their A/R cycles to maximize revenue and increase operating efficiency.

The Imagine team will work with you to integrate these electronic claims services seamlessly into your existing workflow, making sure that your claims lifecycle is fully optimized. Reduce bad debt, lower administrative costs, and accelerate payments while monitoring performance to keep your fingertips on the pulse of your organization. Learn more about medical clearinghouses services.

"It’s a product that I believe will be here as long as we are, and continue to evolve with us."

— Michelle Juette, Business Services Manager at Yakima Valley Radiology

How Do Medical Billing Clearinghouses Work?

electronic claims processing


The clearinghouse aggregates then scrubs each claim — inspecting for errors and any potential denial triggers that could delay the cycle, immediately alerting you on what needs to be corrected.
electronic claims submission


The clearinghouse then sends the claims electronically to the insurance carrier through a secure, HIPAA compliant connection.
medical billing clearinghouse claims


The claim is accepted and your organization receives reimbursement. Most importantly, your claims are converted electronically, consolidated, managed, and cleaned to shorten your payment cycle, leading to more accurate revenue forecasts and quicker reimbursement.

Key Features

  • 270/271 real-time/batch eligibility and request response
  • Rejection analysis
  • Client account support

Benefits of Medical Billing Clearinghouse Services

  • Aggregated electronic claims information
  • Pings errors and denial triggers
  • Claims sent electronically, PHI protected
  • Designed to handle large batch claims
  • Claims are consolidated and managed from a central location
  • Shortens payment cycle
  • More accurate revenue forecasts

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